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Los Cabos Sea Turtle Season Officially Begins, See Them Up Close On These Fascinating Tours

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Los Cabos has welcomed its first wave of turtle births this season, a whole 2 months sooner than normally expected.

The turtle birthing season here normally runs from late July to November, with August and September seeing a huge increase in numbers.

Los Cabos Sea Turtle Season Officially Begins, See Them Up Close On These Fascinating Tours

A Harsh Beginning

Unlike the teenage mutant ninja turtles, these two species aren’t able to fend for themselves. And while it’s normally better when humans leave nature alone, in this case, we have an important role to play.

The two species that birth in Los Cabos are Olive Ridley and Black Turtles. Olive Ridley turtles are currently classified as endangered, with the population in western Mexico under particular strain.

Black turtles don’t fare much better in terms of numbers, but the hard work being done by conservationists in Los Cabos has helped to hold off extinction for now.

From the huge number of eggs laid on Los Cabos beaches each year, without human help, a sadly low number will make it to hatching, and an even lower number will complete the dangerous journey across the sand and into the ocean.

While still in their eggs, they are vulnerable to everything from birds to coyotes. And once a nest is discovered in its hiding place below the sand, it’s unlikely any of the eggs will survive.

Sadder still is the journey after hatching. Baby turtles are tiny, and while they excitedly hurry towards the water, they aren’t fast enough to get away from the many birds that arrive for a feeding frenzy.

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How You Can Help

For decades Los Cabos has been fighting hard to protect these turtles from extinction, and they are fondly seen as part of Los Cabos culture.

Numerous conservation organizations have popped up over the years that patrol the nesting sites, move eggs to less vulnerable areas, and ensure they have the best chance to avoid predators.

On top of this, when hatching season comes around, travelers are invited to join this crusade and become guardians of these unbelievably cute little creatures.

Most conservation tours run from September onwards; this is when things really get dicey as the number of hatchings gets too much for the conservationists to manage on their own.

This is one of the greatest experiences travelers can have in Los Cabos. The feeling of helping thousands of these little turtles to avoid an untimely death is not something to forget.

Cabo Trek

There are many tours available, and all serve an important role in this selfless mission. But, out of all available to travelers, Cabo Trek has built an amazing reputation, both with travelers and the turtles!

While they take care of the organization of the tours, each group is led on the day by a marine biologist who answers to a civilian non-profit committed solely to conservation.

This ensures commercialization doesn’t take over and that these tours don’t lose sight of the true goal.

Small Groups, Big Impact

The tours have a minimum capacity of 2 travelers and a maximum of 12. This helps to not overwhelm the beaches when the turtles hatch, as well as ensuring each person on the tour gets the full experience.

As previously said, these tours are led by marine biologists, meaning the day is as educational as it is rewarding. The small groups also ensure every question gets an answer, and the whole experience keeps that personal feel that is sometimes lost on more populated excursions.

A Family Affair

Across the whole of the Los Cabos pool of activities and trips, this is for sure one of the most family-friendly.

The experience itself is super positive for younger members and gives them a chance to experience education in a much more active and engaging way than the classroom.

As well as that, this is far from a physically demanding day out; people of all ages and fitness levels are able to join this positive tour and leave Los Cabos richer for them having visited.

Trust Seal

Booking tours on vacation can sometimes feel like a gamble, there are certainly a few bad eggs in the industry across the world, and sometimes hidden costs can pop up like moles on a golf course, putting a dent in the enjoyment of the whole experience.

Thankfully, that’s a worry that travelers don’t have with Cabo Trek. They are one of the best-regarded tour operators in the whole of Los Cabos and operate the Trust Mark Guarantee.

This means that the price travelers pay is the one quoted at the start. No hidden fees or pushy upsells; once booked, all travelers need to look forward to is an awesomely positive experience in a beautiful setting.

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