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Ironman Is Coming To Los Cabos This November

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After all of the rumors and anticipation, officials finally announced that the 2022 Ironman 70.3 will take place Sunday, November 6 in Los Cabos. Those interested will have the opportunity to qualify for the 2023 Ironman World Championship set to kick of in 2023, all while enjoying the beautiful backdrop that’s guaranteed when visiting the area.

Ironman Is Coming To Los Cabos This November

When estimating the number interested in signing up for the Ironman, officials predicted that there would be 2,000+, meaning that it’s going to be an eventful weekend in Los Cabos. It’s the ideal place to participate, with warm waters, flat biking areas, and a climate that’s pleasant all day long. One the race is over and done, contestants can celebrate at one of many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, some of which are connected to participating resorts.

Runners on the beach

Guests will have their pick at luxury hotel stays, all of which surround the area where Ironman is set to take place. It’s known as the Desert Baja, home to a world-class mix of both beach and desert. Its beauty is sure to attract both the athlete and tourist alike, with plenty to see while participating in one of the world’s most famous athletic competitions.

Beach near mountains and desert

The 2022 Ironman 70.3 in Los Cabos will feature swimming, biking, and a race by foot, all of which take place to pristine beaches and beautiful sandy areas. Contestants will need to swim 1.2 miles in the Los Cabos Ocean, bike 56 miles along desert terrain, and walk or run by foot 13.1 miles, doing so as fast as they can to qualify for bigger and better races. The average time to complete the Ironman 70.3 is 6 hours, though there are sure to be some that finish before and after. It’s a great opportunity to get competitive juices flowing while enjoying the scenery that Los Cabos has to offer.

Men biking in competition

Average temperatures in the area in November are pleasant, falling right at 77°F. Participants won’t need to worry about water temps, as they tend to fall on the warmer side, coming in at just under 85°F. All of the terrain for running and biking is flat, sure to be a favorite among some participants. The Los Cabos Ironman is not the most challenging qualifier, which is also part of its appeal for those interested in trying it out.

Beach with palm trees

It’s not the first time that Los Cabos is hosting the event, with Ironman events in 2015-2017. After the pandemic, which shut most of the world down, the competition is back up and running, which has ignited widespread interest.

Cyclers by the beach

Tickets went on sale recently, and already causing a stir, as the first tier sold out within a few hours. Ironman registration is separated into “Tiers,” which increase in price as more time passes by. As of now, Tier 1 is sold out. Tier 2 is set to sell for another week, with registration prices of $300 per person. Once Tier 2 entry spots sell out, Tier 3 will open, though it’s not certain how much more the price will increase.

Ironman triathlon by the beach

Registration comes with a guide for athletes, a backpack, race and bike number, on-course nutrition options, access to the Ironman Live Tracker App, and a finisher certificate. Los Cabos is not the only area set to host an Ironman qualifier, which is why participants will have the opportunity to transfer their entry if needed. There is a $50 fee set to come along with transfers, as long as the event is within 6 months. Anxious participants can train with star coaches and even sign up with Maurten to get the best out of their on-course options to fuel their bodies with nutrients to finish up the race.