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Los Cabos Police Forces Receive New Training To Keep Tourists Safe

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Thousands of foreign tourists are now heading to Los Cabos on a daily basis to celebrate the winter festivities.

With plenty of breathtaking beaches to choose from, state-of-the-art resorts, and warm weather to welcome visitors, it’s no mystery why so many people come here every year. 

Police Patrol Los Cabos

But with lots of tourists comes great responsibilities, and the Los Cabos police are well aware of this. That’s why local authorities have implemented a new training course for each police member. 

But what does this new training consist of, and how will it help protect tourists heading to Los Cabos?

The new police training program

Yachts in the marina of Cabo San Lucas

The new training program was implemented by the Los Cabos Public Security Directorate and its aim is to improve police forces’ handling of firearms. 

This will be done by addressing principles of agility in response to risk situations while also exercising precision. 

Commenting on this project, Alejandro Chávez Mendiola, the person in charge of the weapons and ammunition department, highlighted the importance of regularly practicing this skill. 

Santa Maria Beach in Cabo San Lucas

He added that police officers in Los Cabos have firearms to protect themselves, their colleagues, and the Los Cabos citizens and tourists in the area in case of emergency. 

This is why, according to him, it is fundamental for each officer to know how to handle his weapon correctly in a safe manner to avoid mistakes in crucial circumstances. 

Tests were carried out during the 10th edition of a local shooting tournament to check the police officers’ skills. 

Photo in Cabo San Lucas, México, from above

Alejandro Chávez Mendiola described this event: “The staff meets, they are given a talk about the exercises that are going to be carried out and an elimination then takes place based on their abilities. This time (they shoot) with a long gun, firing 10 cartridges (…).”

Alejandro Chávez Mendiola continued describing how the 20 best police officers among the 93 who take part in the event will then carry out other tests of increasing difficulty in which they also have to dodge obstacles while firing moving targets.

Is Los Cabos safe for tourists?

Given the new training program for police officers, tourists heading to Los Cabos may now be wondering whether this area is safe. Luckily, the answer is yes. 

Police Talking To Tourists

Plenty of reports keep confirming how this is one of the safest municipalities in Mexico for both tourists and locals. 

Not by chance, the Los Cabos government is constantly working on new measures to keep protecting tourists from local frauds and scams. For instance, just a few days ago, local authorities launched the so-called Ponte Trucha operation

Literally translated as ‘be aware’ or ‘stay alert’, the aim of this program is to warn foreign tourists of local frauds taking place in the municipality. 

Municipal police in Mexico

Thanks to this initiative, officials are now giving tourists recommendations to carry out all sorts of activities in complete safety.

To give an example, one of the most common situations in which scams are carried out is while shopping. 

In particular, criminals are now focusing on a practice known as card cloning. This consists of installing a card skimming device on card readers that can record visitors’ data. These are then used to duplicate tourists’ cards.  

Person Swiping a Credit Card at a Terminal in a Store

Police officers are now teaching visitors how to recognize those card readers so they can easily avoid getting scammed. 

Of course, this is just one of the many initiatives recently embraced by the Los Cabos authorities to keep protecting tourists during the high season. 

For instance, the local government has decided to increase the number of lifeguards on the most popular beaches of Los Cabos. 

lifeguard sitting surveying beach

People employed in this new initiative will protect tourists from the frauds carried out by local vendors selling fake services on the beach and the dangerous water conditions that tend to change quite often. 

So, despite the number of frauds, luckily, Los Cabos remains safe.

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