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Why This Trending Los Cabos Resort Is Loved By Solo Travelers

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Los Cabos is famous the world over for its huge roster of luxurious resorts, with most of the big-name brands in the hotel industry present in the destination and some with multiple resorts.

The presence of these brands can sometimes hog the limelight from other smaller but just as luxurious resorts. But, now and then, a resort lights up Google’s search engine and puts itself front and center.

This time round, Los Cabos’ favorite resort for solo travelers is getting all the attention.

A view of San jose del cabo across the bay

Viceroy Los Cabos

Located in San José del Cabo, the more upmarket and tranquil of the two cities that make up Los Cabos, the Viceroy is trending high among travelers searching for the ultimate Los Cabos vacation.

Fair Luxury

Los Cabos is most known for its luxurious resorts, a reputation that may be partially to blame for the destinations’ rising prices, with it being the most expensive destination in all of Mexico.

It’s therefore a welcome surprise for many travelers when they come across the Viceroy Los Cabos booking page and find out just how fair the cost of a stay in this luxury resort is.

Apart from the Christmas and New Year period, the most in-demand dates for Los Cabos, travelers would be mistaken for thinking the Viceroy is a budget brand.

Below are examples of the cost of a stay in the Viceroy Los Cabos per night:

  • February 22nd – $311 per night
  • March 14th -$274 per night
  • April 24th – $284 per night

Like any resort, prices can fluctuate, and while there are a few days in each month where they can reach as high as $800, it’s far from rare to find a suitable period with prices well below $400 per night across the whole vacation.

Solo-Traveler Seal Of Approval

In the tourism world, some of the hardest travelers to please can be those taking a solo trip, not because of unrealistic expectations from travelers but because solo travelers tend to be more focused on experiences, atmosphere, and service than their couple counterparts.

For example, something as simple as visiting a resort bar can be a strong indicator for solo travelers about whether or not their resort makes the cut; this is because, without friendly and warm service from staff and an interactive experience, the activity can quickly turn into a dull footnote of the trip.

A Stellar Reputation

Big marketing budgets and brand recognition are powerful weapons in the competition to win travelers, but there is one thing that money can’t buy, and that’s consistently impressive reviews from past guests.

Sites like TripAdvisor, as well as the Google reviews functionality, have become priceless to travelers; the days of trying to weigh up just how accurate a resort’s marketing and brochures are over, replaced by the sometimes-brutal honesty of fellow travelers.

When considering the Viceroy for a vacation, it isn’t just the almost complete lack of negative reviews that is most impressive, but the detail and consistency of the positive reviews.

The common one-sentence endorsements such as “Great trip, would stay again” or “Wonderful resort” are outnumbered by reviews that detail the amazing décor, outstanding service, and staff attitudes, as well as the food and amenities.

It’s easy to see why it holds a 9.2/10 rating on when you find out the Viceroy has 6 times as many “Superb” ratings as “Good”.

What It Offers

Like any good Los Cabos resort, the Viceroy has clean and fresh suites, a wealth of dining options, a wide range of fun-filled bars, and a wellness center and treatments that rival even the greatest wellness-focused resorts in the destination.

But this awesome resort isn’t just a carbon copy of its competition, it also has a calming art gallery where travelers can try their hand at painting a masterpiece while looking out over the Sea of Cortez.

There are even more positives for travelers to discover about this trending resort, and anyone planning their next Los Cabos vacation, regardless of budget, should add the Viceroy Los Cabos to their “potential resorts” list.

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Vanessa Lockhart

Saturday 30th of December 2023

Always great fun when you visit Cabo!