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Los Cabos Is The Top Destination For Canadian Families In 2023

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Skyscanner Canada released their end of the year search trends for users on their site. Los Cabos is trending upward amongst Canadians. In fact, it was rated as the most searched destination by Canadian users. Particularly amongst those who were looking to book a trip for the whole family. 

Whale Watching Boat Los Cabos

Searches for Los Cabos were up 56% compared to last year, and searches for Mexico City were up 162%. The Mexico City numbers include people looking for flights to, and from the area. Which could mean that travelers realized that they still have to fly towards the Mexican capital to reach some of the main beach cities in the country. 

Los Cabos Airport with vehicles parked out front.

Currently, there are direct flights to Los Cabos from most of the main cities in Canada, but not all of them. In some cases just one airline flies directly to the airport in San Jose del Cabo. That helps better explain the massive increase in the number of people who are searching for flights to Mexico City. 

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Views of the Mexico City cathedral

Canadian Travelers Are Willing To Pay More For Their Trip & Travel Looking For Adventure 

Data collected by Skyscanner shows that Canadian tourists are willing to spend more money to ensure that they travel comfortably. The number of people willing to pay the extra fee to choose their own seat grew by 250% from 2019 to 2022. Also, travelers are more willing to cover the extra charge for checked baggage. That number has almost doubled across the aforementioned time period.

American Airlines Plane Interior

The type of trips that Canadians are mostly looking for have also shifted. That seems to have favored a destination like Los Cabos. The importance of “travel sustainability” is something more travelers are taking into account. With 53% of people saying that they are more environmentally conscious as travelers. That has sparked an uptick in tourists who are searching for activities like hiking and wildlife spotting during their trip. Two activities that are featured heavily in Cabo tours. Particularly with the local whale watching season taking place from the end of the year, through the first months of the new year.     

Tourists on large boat watching whale dive into the water Los Cabos

Travel Is Not Only A Family Activity 

Although Los Cabos is the destination with the biggest growth in the family market it’s not just Canadian families who are flying to foreign destinations. In fact, one of the biggest upticks that Skyscanner recorded was in the solo travel niche. An impressive 45% of travelers that used the flight search engine to look for escapes to foreign cities planned to do so solo. When polling these travelers who were looking for a getaway on their own 40% of them mentioned that traveling alone was important for their mental health. Single people and divorcees were naturally more likely to look to travel on their own.       

Air Canada Planes At Airport

Canada’s Sunwing Airline Is Betting Big On Los Cabos Through RIU Hotels

The increased interest in Los Cabos exhibited by Canadian travelers has not gone unnoticed by Sunwing airlines. The airline features the most Cabo flights of any Canadian airline. Also, it’s partnered with RIU hotels to offer unique deals for Canadian travelers who want to visit the Mexican Pacific coast. RUI hotels have 3 different properties in the Cabo area. Canadian travelers flying through Sunwing will be able to access unique packages to craft their Cabo vacation. 

Entrance to one of the RIU hotels in Los Cabos

One of those packages is called the destination wedding package. The couple will essentially be able to enjoy a free Cabo vacation just as long as 10 of their guests book their flights with Sunwing, and their stay at RIU. Social packages are also going to be offered by the partnership through 2023. Basically larger groups will be able to enjoy better prices on flights and lodging thanks to both the airline and the hotel chain. 

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