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Los Cabos Diving Spot Rated One Of The Best In North America By Forbes

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Los Cabos is known for its arch and its marine wildlife. Therefore, it makes sense for the region to feature one of the top-rated diving spots in North America. Recently, Forbes magazine did a special piece on Cabo Pulmo, a protected national park northeast of San Jose del Cabo. The area was designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO back in 2005. Despite the publicity that came with the designation Cabo Pulmo still remains a bit of a hidden gem. 

Divers In Cabo Pulmo Near Los Cabos

According to Forbes, the area is home to more than 800 different marine life species, 300 of which are fish varieties. Marine life in the region is so diverse that it is sometimes referred to as the World’s aquarium. Also, during the popular whale watching season in Los Cabos, which typically runs from the end of the year to around April, Cabo Pulmo is one of the best spots to get up and close and personal with these majestic creatures.

Diver Taking Pictures of Fish

Sharks are also known to frequent the waters around Cabo Pulmo national park. The different varieties of sharks that call Cabo Pulmo home include: Sand tiger sharks, tiger sharks, great hammerheads, blacktip reef sharks, and even great white sharks. Other popular species that can be spotted during different parts of the year include sting rays. Also, orcas tend to swim in Cabo Pulmo waters from May to October.   

Great White Shark Los Cabos

Diving In Cabo Pulmo Is Not A Free For All    

Since Cabo Pulmo is a national park, and certain creatures in the waters could be potentially dangerous, this is typically not a spot where just about anyone is allowed to snorkel or dive in. Up to three boats are allowed to dive in a particular section at any given time. Usually, dives are overseen by local licensed divers who are able to only take 6 divers per group. There are also strict regulations when it comes to diving near the coral reef sections that are located around Cabo Pulmo shores. Usually, divers are urged to stay 20 feet away from these reefs. 

Snorkeling With Whale Sharks

The Cabo Pulmo diving area is rather extensive. Divers can experience completely different habitats depending on where around the area they’re diving in. Choosing the right area to dive in could help you avoid the sharks, for example. One of the popular diving areas within the Cabo Pulmo shore is the area known as El Vencedor. This area features a shipwreck that divers can explore. The ship was originally a tuna fishing boat that went down in the early 80s. 

Boat near a famous Los Cabos rock formation

Lodging Options Near The Cabo Pulmo Beach

There are multiple activities that tourists can take part in around Cabo Pulmo national park without necessarily getting in the water. In fact, Cabo Pulmo national park has become one of the most popular spots near Los Cabos for different types of ecotourism activities like hiking or obviously snorkeling.

Airbnb Cabo
Image Courtesy of: Airbnb

The arrival of divers has prompted a number of small resorts to establish themselves in the area. These resorts sell diving packages that include lodging, food, drinks, and diving for relatively low prices by Los Cabos standards. A 2-person bungalow at the Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort can set travelers back as low as 75 dollars a night.

Beachside Property

The national park is more or less isolated from most of the main Cabo resorts. However, there is a Four Seasons facility about 40 minutes out from the national park area for those travelers looking to experience both amazing diving, as well as, top of the line hospitality. Tourists who are staying in San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas can also book diving experiences, but they would have to make their way out to Cabo Pulmo. Keep in mind though the area is over 2 hours away from the main Cabo San Lucas hotel zone.

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