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Grand Velas Los Cabos Offers New Ocean Safari Experience On Private Yacht

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The Grand Velas resort in Los Cabos is adding multiple experiences for guests to be able to enjoy throughout their stay. Their newest entertainment experience is an ocean safari outing with Alex Schmidt Márquez. Schmidt runs his own expeditions through his company Alex Sharks Expeditions. For this experience that will be exclusive to guests of the Grand Velas resort, swimming with sharks as well as other marine wildlife is going to be available for guests seeking a thrill-filled safari experience. 

Azimut Yacht

What Grand Velas Guests Can Expect From The Ocean Safari Experience           

Grand Velas guests who decide to book the ocean safari experience are going to be taken out by Schmidt Marquez and his team on a 4 or 6-hour yacht ride on Cabo waters. The tour is meant to allow tourists to explore the sea wildlife that typically lives in Cabo. This ride will be aboard a 55-foot Azimut yacht.

Cabo marine life

While it’s not been confirmed, the yacht is either property of the resort at this point or on a long-term lease to the Grand Velas. We say this because the boat is being used in a fine dining experience that the resort is also offering exclusively to guests.  

Yacht Sailing Into The Sunset (1)

Apart from the boat ride, the experience includes the option for guests to snorkel at different stops on the journey. Guests are going to be able to swim alongside whales, local fish of different varieties, sting rays, wild dolphins, and potentially sharks. There are going to be two routes offered as part of the ocean safari experience. The first route will take guests on a four-hour expedition in the sea of Cortez, basically just a few miles off the Cabo coast. In the second route, guests will be taken on a 6-hour journey to Ventana Bay which is an area that sits south of La Paz

Snorkeling With Whale Sharks

Part of the experience is receiving snorkeling training from Schmidt Márquez to ensure that tourists are able to enjoy their wildlife encounters safely. Also, the journey is going to include insights into the marine life around the area provided by the staff on board the Azimut yacht. Tourists who decide to go on the ocean safari experience will be able to determine if they want to head out into the water with the animals or just view them from the safety of the boat. According to the Grand Velas, the experience can be enjoyed by anyone from the age of 5 upward. 

seals are part of Cabo marine life

Cost Of The New Ocean Safari Experience 

Reportedly the starting price for the experience is going to be $4700 for a 6-person trip. That starting price contemplates the 4-hour journey around the Sea of Cortez near the Cabo shore that we recently referenced. Costs could vary depending on the number of people in the group that are going to require snorkeling gear. 

Cabo Marina

Also, keep in mind the experience is exclusive to guests of the Grand Velas resort. Currently, average nightly rates at the resort are going for just about 1000 dollars. At this point, information on food or drinks that will be served at the experience has not been made public. The Grand Velas is an all-inclusive resort. Therefore, it’s highly likely that the experience will include food and drinks for participants.    

Diving With Sharks

For tourists who are not guests at the Grand Velas resorts, Alex Schmidt offers multi-day diving tours that set sail from the Los Cabos Marina and La Paz. A full 6-day experience that includes multiple snorkeling opportunities in different spots near both Los Cabos and La Paz costs around 4,000 dollars per person. These tours can be booked directly with the Alex Sharks expedition company