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Los Cabos Continues To See Downward Trend In Crime Rates

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The number of crimes, and open cases by police over security incidents in Los Cabos continues on a downward trajectory. Local authorities recently revealed the total number of open cases that Los Cabos police is looking into sits at 190 total cases. In the month of May authorities opened files on 199 different incidents, although the drop isn’t necessarily significant the fact that the number of crimes committed in the region is way below the national average is certainly noteworthy.

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Residential robberies still make up the bulk of the cases that the police are currently investigating. In fact, the number of home burglaries that occurred in June was up from the incidents that took place in May. There were 37 robberies reported to the police compared to only 35 in May. The positive news is that in 5 of the 37 incidents the robbers were caught on site and detained by local authorities. 

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Los Cabos Is Way Safer Than Cleveland & Is Virtually As Safe As Orlando Florida 

What do all of these numbers mean for travelers that want to visit Los Cabos? Taking into account that combined San Jose del Cabo, and Cabo San Lucas have a population of around 350 thousand people it can be directly compared with US cities like Cleveland and Orlando that feature a similar number of residents. Cleveland is reportedly only safer than 2% of all American cities, so it’s certainly a parameter on the bad side of the scale.

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For comparison just in home burglaries alone Cleveland featured over 3500 incidents in the last year compared to Los Cabos where only about 1100 incidents took place. Assault crimes in Cleveland tallied over 4 thousand incidents throughout the year. If Los Cabos continues on this trajectory it would record about half that number of incidents in total crimes over a 12 month period. As previously stated, being safer than Cleveland is sadly not something to be too proud of. However, at least when it comes to the number of reported crimes in the region Los Cabos matches up rather well with a popular US tourism destination like Orlando Florida.

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The number of incidents that occur in each city are virtually identical. The tally actually comes out a bit in favor of Los Cabos since this area in the Mexican Pacific features a larger population with a difference of about 50 thousand residents. In the case of both cities most of the crime related incidents that occur happen outside of the main tourist spots. These areas are particularly well guarded in Los Cabos. 

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Local Police Are Cracking Down On Illegal Vendors And Unsafe Drivers

Potentially one of the reasons why crime rates continue on a downward trend in Los Cabos is the fact that local police are really cracking down on all sorts of illegal activity. Particularly, activity that directly affects tourists that vacation on Cabo beaches. Recently police removed illegal vendors from El Medano beach, one of the most popular beaches in Los Cabos. These vendors were allegedly selling beer that had potentially been tampered with, and other items that did not meet local regulations. 

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Another thing that local authorities really want to be able to reduce is the number of traffic accidents in the region. Although crime has thankfully been on the decline the same cannot be said for traffic accidents. In the month of June alone officers handed out well over 500 tickets to drivers in and around some of the main Los Cabos arteries.

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Authorities are also going after people who have committed administrative fines, these include things like littering, and public intoxication violations that some tourists tend to get in trouble for. Over 600 people were taken into custody over these types of incidents in June alone. Whether you’re driving or walking on Los Cabos streets, know that police aren’t going to be as lenient as they maybe were in the past.