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Authorities Find Man Living At Los Cabos Arch For Over A Month

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A man was detained by Los Cabos police after reportedly living in between the rocks of the Los Cabos Arch. The Arch rests just a few meters from playa del Amor, a popular attraction. Playa del Amor is only accessible by boat and tends to have strong currents some days, leaving many to marvel at the idea of someone living so close for so long. The man has not been identified and has since been removed by municipal police.

People on the sand and boats visiting beach with rocks and sand

The man had settled in in crevices of the rocky formations known as Los Arcos, finding a small opening with enough space to squeeze in and find shelter from waves. He had items he was carrying with him along with a small tarp that he outstretched between two rocks for shade. Some crevices in the area could serve as a protective barrier from crashing waves and scorching sun, though there are more dangers than adventures, mostly due to the rough crashing waves and quick-running undercurrents characteristic of Los Cabos beaches.

Those leading excursions with popular tourism companies were the first to spot the man, though nothing was suspicious the first time around. However, after multiple trips observing the same setup, questions began to rise as to whether the many was settled there or not.

Couple rowing kayak close to Los Cabos Arch

Police arrived at the scene after days of complaints from Los Cabos residents, travelers, and tourism companies specializing in water activities. The man had reportedly been living in the spot for about a month, generating a lot of talk at top resorts and on social media. While some did not mind the clever location, others raised concerns about the issues that could follow.

Authorities on the beach

One concerned Los Cabos citizen voiced their opinion, claiming “It’s best that they relocate him because if they allow him to stay, others will see it as easy and seek opportunities to do the same. Another with a different view expressed “Why don’t you do the same with those that live under the bridge? The homeless population in Los Cabos typically stays far from highly populated tourist areas, mostly due to increased vigilance in the area.

Authorities walking along the marina

The number of homeless people in Los Cabos has been on the rise for some time now, with most living in mountainous areas that’s considered government land. Many have constructed makeshift homes and created a life within the desert oasis many travelers flock to for vacation. While authorities work to keep homeless individuals out from under the bridge, there are still some that choose the area for shelter from the heat. Among the most populated are those that lead from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas.

Mountains and desert behind a beach

Authorities have also increased their hunt for beggars and panhandlers, attempting to keep them out of popular tourist areas. Those vacationing in Cabo San Lucas that keep near the resort will likely not run into any issues with homeless or get hassled for money. Outside of the resort area, Los Cabos also has low numbers of beggars along the most popular streets, though some occasionally appear. Authorities are constantly monitoring popular areas, attempting to keep the area safe for travelers and prevent out of control homeless situations like those in Puerta Vallarta.

Man on a crosswalk juggling with lots of cars

Playa del Amor is known to many travelers, as it features the famous rock formations known as Los Arcos. In between the two lies a strip of sand separating two beaches known as Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach. This phenomenon tends to bring out many travelers, some taking advantage of the names to showcase their current life status.


Saturday 9th of July 2022

I read your recent article regarding crime in Cabo. We heard from one our friends that his son was about to be scammed to get money out of an ATM for something he did not buy (wrong person - his other male friend was buying drugs). And it was going to get physical if he didn’t pay him. and the bad guy was not alone - he had his thug friends. This all was coming down inside Dallas & Jimmy’s island bar. No way was he going to an ATM ! Someone at the bar told him he better leave. He was chased but they lost him. Apparently this bar knows of the drug selling going on inside. Not good for young American adults getting targeted.