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Los Cabos International Airport Sets Record Number of Flights

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Once again, the numbers reflect the recovery of the tourist destination of Los Cabos positively after two years of economic uncertainty generated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares, director of the Tourism Trust (FITURCA) of Los Cabos, stressed that March would be a historic month with a record of 520 weekly number of flights recorded by Los Cabos International Airport. According to FITURCA, the number of domestic and foreign flights arrivals is much higher than those recorded in 2019.

“We expect March to be a historic month due to the volume of domestic and international arrivals. In the month of March, there are 520 weekly flights from Mexico, the United States, and Canada; this number is much higher than what we had in 2019.” The data presented by the Los Cabos International Airport revealed that of the 520 flights during the month of March on a weekly basis, 370 were from the United States, representing 71% of the total flight during the week, revealed Esponda Cascajares.

“This is so far this year, being the third airport with the most international arrivals, only behind Cancun and Mexico City. In regards to domestic traffic, we are in sixth place, compared to the international airports of Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Tijuana that have more traffic in general.”

To conclude, Rodrigo Esponda stressed that by 2022 there would be 27 direct flights to the United States, continuing this as the leading commercial partner of the destination, which invests 80% of the total budget allocated exclusively for the promotion of Los Cabos.

This comes after Lilzi Orci Fregoso, president of the Hotel Association of Los Cabos, announced that in 2019 approximately 14 thousand spring breakers visited, and in 2022, the number skyrocketed to 45 thousand; definitely, a record number, which coincides with the numbers reported for this 2022 Spring Break season which are projecting an occupancy of 80% in general. However, in the specific case of Cabo San Lucas, this is 85%, a record number that is expected to be maintained in the following 2 weeks.

Spring Break

“The Spring Break season started at the beginning of March; however, after the 20th, these dates are expected to bring more visitors for this segment, which is reflected in the occupation rates. This weekend we are at 80% in general, but in Cabo San Lucas, we went up to 85% because it is where most reservations are concentrated. “

Orci Fregoso also indicated that the domestic segment is also traveling to Los Cabos, so the dynamics of arrivals are more substantial since the national holiday of March 21st was also a factor. Hence, hotel occupancy is excellent, and we’re hoping it will continue with occupancy peaks on the following weekends.

“To this date, we have received around 20 thousand tourists from the Spring Break segment, and we are expecting a total of 45 thousand vacationers at the end of the month. We are halfway through, and arrivals have concentrated these past two weeks. The coordination of the authorities and private sector is the key so that no incident is registered during this Spring Break season.”

She concluded by saying that authorities in charge of providing vacationers’ safety and the Hotel Association will work in a coordinated manner to make this holiday season a success.