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Top 7 Things To Do In Los Cabos This Winter When The Weather Is Cooler 

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Los Cabos gets around 350 days of sunshine a year, so the weather is pretty amazing almost year-round, but there are milder temperatures during the winter months.   

Temperatures drop from the mid to high 90s in the summer months to hovering around 80 during the winter.   

For travelers who like to enjoy outdoor activities, it’s much more comfortable, and there are 7 awesome things to do in Los Cabos this winter when the weather is cooler. 

Tourists Riding Through the Desert on Camels in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


It may come as a surprise, being that much of Los Cabos is desert landscape, that the destination is also great for hiking.   

In addition to trails located in the San Jose del Cabo Estuary, the Sierra de la Laguna mountains are nearby as well, less than 20 miles outside of San Jose del Cabo.   

Here travelers can hike numerous trails, some ending up at a waterfall perfect for cooling off after hiking all day.   

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Horseback Riding  

Horseback riding on the beach and through the desert is a popular activity in Los Cabos and can be enjoyed any time of the year.   

But there is pretty much no shade cover, so horseback riding during the hotter months can be a little uncomfortable.   

The cooler temperatures make this much-loved activity much more enjoyable and there is no shortage of tours available, starting at around $50. 

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Mountain Biking 

Just like the mountains are great for hiking, they’re also popular for mountain biking.   

Additionally, Rancho Cacachilas is just over two hours from San Jose del Cabo and has fantastic hills and trails for mountain biking.   

Since mountain biking can be pretty strenuous on some of these trails, the winter time, with its cooler weather, is the perfect time to enjoy this activity.   

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Ziplining through a canopy of trees with amazing views of the sea is an experience like no other, and you can do that at Wild Canyon Adventures.   

Located in San Jose del Cabo, Wild Canyon Adventures features Los Cabos’ longest zipline, which zips through stunning canyons high in the air with views of the ocean.   

Tours are offered that include lunch and there are plenty of other activities to enjoy at the park too.  Regular park passes run from around $100 to $200.  

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Camel Riding 

Camels and deserts are kind of synonymous with each other, and when in Rome, as they say….   

Wintertime in Los Cabos is the perfect time to take a ride through the desert on a camel, and there are plenty of tour options available.   

Camel ride tours start around $75 and go up from there, depending on what’s included. 

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Another popular activity for adventurous Los Cabos tourists is ATVing, and what better time to go riding through the desert than during the cooler months of winter?   

There are many tour companies that offer ATV tours.   

They can run anywhere from around $70 to as much as $150, and sometimes even more, depending on what’s included. 

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While Los Cabos is well known for its extensive list of beautiful, amenity-filled, luxury all-inclusive resorts, there’s another side worth seeing too.   

It’s an amazing place to experience glamping, which is a fancier form of camping.   

There are a number of places to do this, in Los Cabos as well as in nearby areas like Todos Santos and in Rancho Cacachilas.   

Glamping is an excellent way to really get to know Los Cabos’ natural side, one of the destination’s most prized assets. 

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