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Los Cabos Among Safest Destinations In Mexico According To New Report

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When taking a vacation, it’s only natural that travelers are concerned about safety. While no destination can make the claim that it is 100% safe, the media depictions of Mexico can easily cause anxiety in some travelers.

With that in mind, the continually improving security situation in Los Cabos means there’s no secret why it continues to wow millions of American tourists each year, no matter the situation elsewhere in the country.

Los Cabos Among Safest Destinations In Mexico According To New Report

Impressive Statistics

The Mexican government keeps a close watch on crime statistics across the nation and regularly publishes the current standings.

The latest release shows a continued improvement across the board for both Los Cabos and the state of Baja California Sur.

Violent crime has seen a particular drop, all the more impressive as it was already rated as one of the lowest in the country. On top of this, in 2023, Baja California Sur registered its lowest crime rate since 2013.

On top of this, the improved professionalism of the police is also being praised, with over 80% of intentional homicide cases being resolved. In comparison, the average resolution rate of homicides in the U.S. was last publicized in 2022 at 52.3%.

A huge reminder of the great strides policing and public security have taken in Los Cabos and Baja California Sur.

While Mexico does have some dicey and unsafe areas, there is also no shortage of wonderful and safe destinations. Furthermore, thanks to extensive efforts by authorities, Baja California Sur now ranks in the top 3 states with the lowest incidence of crime.

Los Cabos marina from the air

Peace Of Mind

A sense that where a traveler is visiting on vacation is safe, secure, and properly protected is a huge driving factor when making the decision of where to take a trip.

The United States has no shortage of natural beauty, inviting beaches, and luxury. So, to tempt travelers over the border, Los Cabos has to keep a constant handle on any issues that may be perceived as negatives by potential visitors.

Luxury is a given in this destination; even the more budget-friendly resorts don’t fall short, and now, thanks to a focused approach to improving law enforcement and staying one step ahead of potential criminal issues, Los Cabos now also ranks higher in safety than a surprising number of U.S. cities.

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A Safety Snapshot

One of the ways many travelers like to get a handle on a destination’s safety is through the publicly aggregated statistics on Numbeo. In other words, hearing from past travelers and locals alike on how safe they feel across a number of metrics.

And in this regard, the going is good for Los Cabos.

When it comes to being robbed or mugged, Los Cabos scored Low. The same can be said on the topic of the perceived worry about being randomly attacked or insulted. An unsurprising reflection of the very friendly and welcoming locals of Los Cabos.

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But the area that Los Cabos truly shines is when it comes to the perceived worry of being attacked based on race, ethnicity, gender, or religion. In this regard, Los Cabos scores Very Low.

This may come as a surprise to some, but even in Mexico’s most dangerous cities, this is an issue that rarely raises its head.

As a nation, Mexico is just as diverse as the United States, but the attitude to these aspects of a person’s identity has historically and in the modern sense, been very forward-thinking.

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While Mexico does have its issues, it really is an example of how all multi-ethnic nations should treat each other.

To add to the perception of safety, it’s helpful to make a comparison that is relatable; Seattle, Washington is widely regarded as one of the safest major cities in the United States, yet Los Cabos scores higher in safety in almost every metric.

In fact, when it comes to perceived safety walking alone in both daylight and at night, Los Cabos scores higher.

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Nowhere Is 100% Safe

Despite all of this positive news, Los Cabos of course still has instances of crime. No destination is completely safe in the world, although it always helps to have the odds in your favor.

So, while travelers don’t need to feel anxious about a vacation here, they should still exercise common sense to help guarantee a care-free trip.

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