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What Travelers Need To Know After Los Cabos’ Most Popular Beach Is Severely Damaged

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Los Cabos is primarily known for its 5-star luxury resorts and highly-rated beaches with sparkling sands and gentle ocean waters. 

There are various popular beaches in Los Cabos, including Playa del Amor, Chileno Beach, Palmilla Beach, Playa Las Viudas, and Cerritos Beach, amongst others. 

During the last few months, the world-famous beaches that are often trending on social media platforms have been closed by local officials for short periods of time due to torrential rain and high winds. 

Aerial View of Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Fall in Los Cabos is known as hurricane season, and the latest hurricane has proven that unfortunately, it’s not over yet. 

Los Cabos has made headlines recently for Hurricane Norma, which began blowing its way through the Baja California Sur area just last week. 

Just after the tropical storm Lidia passed through the Baja California Sur vacation destination, Hurricane Norma hit hard a few days ago, causing damage to the beaches, homes, restaurants, and roads. 

stormy beach mexico

While locals and officials have begun cleaning the streets and beaches, some areas have taken longer to clean than others, namely, El Médano Beach. 

What you need to know about the status of El Médano Beach

Since Hurricane Norma passed through Los Cabos, the local authorities, known as the Maritime-Terrestrial Zone (also known as Zofemat), have begun cleaning El Médano Beach of garbage and debris from the hurricane. 

Unfortunately, the damage is worse than officials expected. 

In a recent statement, the president of the El Médano Settler’s Association Ricardo Araoz told the media that the damages to the beach are “so significant that it is difficult to quantify it.” 

Hurricane destruction in Cabo San Lucas

Araoz stated that he believes they will be able to restore El Médano Beach to its former status within a few days and welcome tourists and locals once more. 

The damage done to the beach is mainly visible in the devastation of the infrastructure of the restaurants and beach clubs. 

Araoz also noted that in addition to structural damage, the loss of product due to the loss of power and, therefore, lack of refrigeration in the restaurants. 

hurricane high winds

As some of the power has been restored in Los Cabos, the president of the El Médano Settler’s Association is confident that the beach will be restored to its former condition in the coming days. 

Things to do at El Médano Beach 

Like other popular Los Cabos beaches, El Médano Beach is known for being a hotspot for all of the best ocean-based activities. 

Known as the safest beach to swim in in Los Cabos, El Médano Beach is the perfect place to relax in the gentle ocean waves, luxuriating in crystal clear waters. 

At El Médano Beach, travelers can try some of the many social media trending activities like parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, riding a jet ski, going on a banana boat, and so much more. 

people parasailing

By booking their activity with a tour group, tourists can learn from knowledgeable guides and remain safe while pursuing some of the more risky activities like scuba diving or swimming with marine animals. 

The soft white sands are also the perfect spot just to lay out and get a great tan if swimming isn’t your thing.

In addition to water activities, El Médano Beach is also known for the range of nearby dining options, including the best of American and Mexican cuisine. 

people raising glasses in mexican restaurant

El Médano Beach is likely best known for the fact that it’s one of Los Cabos’ blue flag beaches, earning the rare certification due to its cleanliness, safety, and sustainability practices. 

As one of well over 20 beaches awarded a blue flag in Los Cabos, El Médano Beach has to adhere to specific stringent requirements in order to maintain its prestigious status. 

With its blue flag waving in the wind, El Médano Beach has only become more popular with tourists and locals. 

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Thursday 26th of October 2023

Los Cabos used to be known , for years, for it’s quiet life style ( well, maybe the Office during spring break time)….I have maintained a residential presence there for over 30 years and am a residente permanente……….then the down turn began with the building of 50 or so luxury beach hotels….the locals lifestyle has suffered…..Los Cabos will never be the same…..sorry