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5 Things To Avoid In Los Cabos After A Hurricane 

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Los Cabos has been affected by three different hurricanes this year, and hurricane season isn’t quite over yet, with a little over a month to go.   

During this most reason storm, Hurricane Norma, there were about 40,000 tourists in Los Cabos at the time.   

For those who are visiting when a hurricane affects Los Cabos, it’s important to follow some safety guidelines, including avoiding five things after the passing of a hurricane.   

Flooded Streets After a Storm in Los Cabos, Mexico

Staying Safe Before And After A Los Cabos Hurricane  

If you’re unlucky enough to be vacationing in Los Cabos during one of the rare times that a hurricane hits, there are a couple of things to remember.   

One is that you’ll want to immediately find out what the protocols are for your hotel during the hurricane.   

Additionally, though, and equally as important, is following some guidelines for staying safe after, and avoiding five specific things will help you do that. 

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Avoid Street Food Until Inspections Are Made 

After almost every hurricane that passes Los Cabos and leaves heavy rains, health officials warn tourists to avoid street food.   

Much of this has to do with unsanitary conditions caused by sewers overflowing.   

Until health inspections are made or officials give the okay, it’s best to avoid indulging in this much-loved dining option. 

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Avoid Beaches Until Deemed Safe 

Los Cabos uses a beach flag warning system to signal how safe the beaches are at any given time.   

There are four main flags that indicate the safety of beach conditions: Green, which means beaches are safe, Yellow which means swimmers should be cautious, Red, which means beachgoers shouldn’t enter the water, and Black, which means the beaches themselves are not even safe.   

It’s not uncommon for all Los Cabos beaches to have Black Flag warnings following a hurricane, which means you should definitely avoid them.   

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Avoid Walking On Flooded Streets 

Whether a hurricane directly hits Los Cabos, which is rare, or just passes by off the coast, it will almost always bring a significant amount of rain with it.   

Streets can become very flooded, which can lead to all sorts of dangers, especially if there are downed power lines.   

Until you know it’s safe to walk around, you’ll want to avoid the streets and stick to your hotel. 

Flooded Streets in a Beach Vacation Destination

Avoid Restaurants That Lost Power 

Another overlooked danger of even just minor effects of a hurricane has to do with the loss of power caused by a storm.   

Particularly restaurants that lose power because food, especially in warm temperatures, can quickly become dangerous to eat.   

If you’re staying in one of the many luxury all-inclusives in Los Cabos, they’ll likely have high-capacity generators, so the restaurants on the resort property may be the safest place to dine for a few days after a hurricane.   

San Jose del Cabo Restaurant

Avoid Traveling Until Updates On Road Conditions Are Made 

Flooding can also make the roads in Los Cabos dangerous for vehicles.   

It’s particularly dangerous for visitors who may not know the roads very well.   

If you are renting a car while vacationing in the area, be sure to find out which roads are safe for traveling following a hurricane.   

Infrastructure isn’t quite up to par everywhere in Los Cabos, so it’s important to know where you’re going.   

Flooded Street with Palm Trees Blowing in the Wind

Los Cabos Hurricane Season 

Los Cabos hurricane season starts in mid-May and ends on November 30th.   

Typically, major hurricanes are rare in Los Cabos, but even minor effects from a storm can make conditions dangerous.   

But as long as you listen to warnings and recommendations, you can be safe during a storm in Los Cabos.

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