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Los Cabos Authorities Strengthen Tourist Safety With This New Announcement

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Mexican Federal Government and Baja California Sur State Government officials recently came together to show off 28 new first responder and law enforcement vehicles that will soon be hitting the roads of the state.

A little more than 27 million pesos were invested in the public safety initiative, which will also have direct benefits to the visitors that travel to the beach resort destination of Los Cabos.

New Emergency Response Vehicles

A total of 28 new emergency first responder and law enforcement vehicles will be distributed to the municipalities of Baja California Sur, with a number of them slated to appear in the Los Cabos area.

State Police vehicles in Mexico

There were 15 pick-up trucks, eight sedan vehicles, four ambulances, and a specialty bomb vehicle designed to withstand pipe bombs delivered as part of the new public safety initiative.

The vehicles will be delivered directly to the Attorney General’s Office and the Ministry of Security, among other public safety departments.

The mission of these vehicles will be to protect citizens and tourists, strengthen security, routine law enforcement patrolling, and assistance in the event of emergencies.

State Police of Mexico

The cost of the new vehicles was a bit more than 27 million pesos.

Crack Down on Crime

The Mexican Federal Government and the State of Baja California Sur continue to invest in crime prevention in the region in part to ensure the safety and security of visitors to the tourism-dependent region.

Despite these proactive efforts and investments from multiple levels of the government, the United States Department of State retains in Level Two traveler safety and security rating in the State of Baja California Sur.

US State Department Seal On A Podium

The Level Two advisory recommends travelers exercise increased caution when traveling to Baja California Sur. However, it does not recommend travelers reconsider travel; such is the case in the state to the north, Baja California.

There are no United States government employee restrictions in place for Baja California Sur.

With a potential Federal Government shutdown coming soon in the United States, the chances of this travel advisory being upgraded to Level One soon, despite the efforts and investments of federal and state governments in Mexico, are slim to none.

Travelers going through electronic immigration gates

Los Cabos Still a Relatively Safe Destination

Overall, Los Cabos still remains a relatively safe destination for a vacation getaway.

There has been a slight pick-up in criminal activity lately, according to the latest stoplight criminal activity report from the State of Baja California Sur.

However, most of the criminal activity increases have impacted the neighborhoods and businesses located in Los Cabos and not the tourist zone or the visitors on vacation to the beach resort destination.

Mexican National Guard on patrol in neighborhood

That’s why, overall, Los Cabos remains a relatively safe location for tourists looking for a fun vacation in the sun, sand, and surf.

However, as the United States Department of State recommends, it is always good for visitors to Los Cabos to exercise increased caution when visiting Los Cabos due to the uptick in overall criminal activity.

The Impact on Tourist Safety

The new vehicles will, in part, help law enforcement and first responders better respond to the needs of tourists, as well as citizens, with a more timely response.

Municipal Police vehicle

That type of investment is always a good thing in a community and should demonstrate to travelers that all three levels of government take public safety seriously and are willing to invest millions of pesos to protect those in the community.

However, travelers still need to take normal precautions to protect themselves when traveling internationally. That includes being aware of their surroundings, not putting themselves in hazardous conditions, and of course blending in with the public without carrying expensive items.

Another good recommendation for travelers to Los Cabos would be to secure travel insurance before their trip to protect against robbery or theft of items during their vacation.

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