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Los Cabos Among Cheapest International Destinations For Americans To Fly To This Winter

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Hotels are near max capacity through the holidays, but one reason may be that Los Cabos is inexpensive to fly to.

People choose to spend the holidays in a variety of ways, but it’s clear many have chosen a lavish beach getaway as their choice to spend Christmas and even celebrate a new year.

Los Cabos aerial view

With Christmas music blaring and fireworks soon to pop off, Los Cabos is one of the best destinations this time of year.

Not only can Americans escape the cold weather of many parts of the U.S., they can take in the holiday festivities in one of the most festive destinations in Mexico.

Best of all, flights to paradise are on the low end of the spectrum right now. According to Priceline, Los Cabos is a top 10 destination to save money on airfare this winter.

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned

airport in los cabos

Almost every airline you’ve heard of in the U.S. flies to Cabo. In fact, Baja’s top getaway is one of the most connected luxury destinations and even more flights are coming in 2024.

Those looking for a fun sun-soaked should do their bank accounts a favor and take advantage of very affordable flights.

It’s no secret Cabo is expensive, but getting here doesn’t have to be. By saving some dough on airfare, you can apply the savings to the sky-high rates of your stay.

November saw some ritzy resorts averaging $1000 per night, but the latest reports are showing those prices have dwindled down to $550. There is a price to pay for luxury but Cabo always delivers.

american airlines plane in los cabos

How Much Is Airfare This Winter?

Flights vary day to day and hour to hour with a wide range of factors determine the fares. But, if we take a look at the average rates, we can get a better understanding of what a good price point is right now.

Priceline’s data shows Los Cabos as the 6th most affordable international getaway this winter and the 2nd cheapest destination in Mexico, based on the average round trip airfare across the U.S. for the month of January.

With such easy access to relatively short flights, it’s no wonder Mexico is a top destination for Americans.

plane at los cabos airport

Los Cabos’ round-trip flights are averaging $436 per ticket this winter – a steal of a deal compared to some other mega-popular international destinations.

Plus, it’s important to note the word “average”. This means there are flights that cost way less and flights that cost way more.

There are low-cost airlines, such as Frontier, that may offer the best bang for your buck to Cabo. The question you have to ask yourself is, “is it worth being crammed in like sardines for a few hours?”.

Where Los Cabos Ranks Among Other Popular Getaways

scenic landscape of los cabos

Mexico is home to some of America’s favorite vacation spots, but there were just 3 destinations to crack the top 10 in terms of affordable airfare this winter.

The country’s other beach paradise, Cancun, is the most popular international getaway for Americans, but not quite the top place for cheap flights.

The common denominator for all 10 destinations is warm weather, which many U.S. travelers are seeking this season. Just one of many reasons to escape to Los Cabos.

However, Los Cabos does stand in good company with some other sunny gems on the cheap right now.

infinity pool overlooking los cabos

These are the top 10 most affordable international destinations for Americans this winter: (listed as round-trip averages)

  • Guatemala City, Guatemala – $447
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica – $446
  • San Salvador, El Salvador – $446
  • Los Cabos, Mexico – $437
  • Bogota, Colombia – $418
  • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – $399
  • Medellin, Colombia – $392
  • Cancun, Mexico – $378
  • Nassau, Bahamas – $370
massage in tropical location

Los Cabos may not be the cheapest escape this winter, but one could argue it’s the best value since it’s the most luxurious of all the destinations listed.

With world-class resorts on gorgeous stretches of Baja’s coastline, you can pamper yourself with cushy all-inclusive amenities in not only one of the top luxury destinations, but one of the best in terms of wellness too.

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