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Los Cabos Hotels Nearly Full As End Of Year Approaches

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Some travelers want to immerse themselves in holiday cheer in the most traditional of ways.

Perhaps a trip to New York City in hopes of a white Christmas, or maybe you go full Clark Griswold and stay at home with all the family shenanigans.

Others want to escape the winter weather entirely and head to a sunny paradise. What better place than Los Cabos?

nice resort in Los Cabos

Apparently, not many, as hotels are already encroaching on maximum capacity as the end of the year approaches.

Local reports say they are already seeing 90% occupancy levels for the last week of December and may soon sell out entirely.

One of the multiple reasons to get a move on booking your escape to Cabo as soon as possible.

Los Cabos Is More Festive Than You Might Imagine

Surprisingly, one of the most festive vacation destinations in Mexico is Los Cabos. One might not conclude a luxury sunny beach getaway could be synonymous with Christmas, but Los Cabos is full of surprises.

posada christmas celebration

Sometimes, we forget people actually live where we vacation. It’s not just pristine beaches, world-class resorts, and excursions catered to us; these destinations are peoples’ homes where lifelong traditions are valued.

Locals congregate for celebrations such as Las Posadas – 9 days of festivities beginning December 16th.

Tourists can expect their luxe resorts decked out in holiday decor with special events catered toward the holidays – both Christmas and New Year’s.

Another popular event is the Cabo San Lucas Nautical Christmas Parade, where boaters line up their vessels decorated in Christmas lights and pass along the scenic bay, waving to the crowd.

boat with christmas lights

Average Hotel Rates In December

Travelers have been biting the bullet when whipping out their credit cards this year for luxury destinations like Los Cabos.

Los Cabos has seen fluctuating prices throughout 2023, but the common consensus is Cabo is expensive!

Last month, high-end luxury resorts averaged $1000 per night, but those numbers have tapered off according to new data provided by Cabo’s tourism industry.

crowded hotel pool

For December, occupancy rates are holding strong at 75% and trending upward of 90% for major holidays, with average rates of $550 per night as of now.

Of course, the longer you wait, the more likely prices will go up. Those looking to score a getaway to Baja’s top destination may have limited options and pricey ones at that!

“When Christmas arrives we already have the house full of tourists, in New Year we will be full; we forecast to close the year at 90% with an excellent average rate above 550 dollars, which is very good. The rate basically behaves on supply and demand, in December these dates are very good, the rate tends to rise a little.”

President of the Los Cabos Hotel Association – Lilzi Orcí Fregoso
view from cabo hotel

Despite high rates, Los Cabos should remain on the radar of all types of travelers. There’s no doubt in saying Cabo is a premiere luxury destination, but local officials realize certain price points are unreachable.

Solo travelers do have the option to stay at cushy hostels, but family trips may be out of the question for some.

With an expected tally of 4 million tourists by year’s end, even more visitors are expected for 2024. While many resorts are considered to be a world-class luxury, the President of the Los Cabos Hotel Association also points out that new developments are under way to cater toward lower budgets, so Cabo can be enjoyed by all.

playa medano in cabo

Increased Security Presence For December

With the influx of tourists expected for the remaining holidays, Los Cabos has decided to increase its security presence for the remainder of December.

Although considered to be one of the safest vacation destinations in Mexico, to ensure tourists’ safety, roads will be heavily patrolled by 105 units through January 6, 2024.

Tourists need not worry about the sight of the National Guard along the most commonly used roads; it’s for the protection of everyone for a safe holiday season.

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