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Jennifer Aniston, Jimmy Kimmel and Jason Bateman Spotted Vacationing In Los Cabos

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Multiple celebs were caught by paparazzi leaving Los Cabos in the first few days of the new year after celebrating the arrival of 2023 in the Mexican Pacific. Jennifer Aniston is one of those celebs that has made the pilgrimage to Cabo on a consistent basis in the last few years. She was seen saying goodbye to Jimmy Kimmel, and Jason Bateman in the private Cabo San Lucas airport. Presumably Kimmel and Bateman were headed back to LA while Jen was able to stay behind and relax for a couple more days in Cabo. 

Jennifer Aniston Posing at a terrace with a marina full of boats in the background

Aniston and company were not the only celebs in Cabo for New Years in fact there were a multitude of celebs that decided to welcome the New Year in the region. Oddly enough, the type of party or event that each of these groups of celebs attended while in Los Cabos couldn’t have been more different. 

New Year's in Los Cabos with fireworks in the background and a distant view of the city.

In the case of Jennifer Aniston, Jimmy Kimmel and company the event was more of a family gathering than an all out Cabo worthy night out. Kimmel and his wife Molly McNearney brought along their young daughter and son to the trip. Meanwhile, Bateman and his wife Amanda Anka brought along their daughters who are closer to their teens. With the single Aniston playing the role of cool aunt.

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Celebs That Picked Cabo For A Romantic Getaway 

Jennifer Aniston’s ex Brad Pitt, of all people, was also in Los Cabos, and as we reported he spent the New Year in a much less family oriented fashion. Pitt took his new girlfriend Ines de Ramon to Los Cabos to celebrate the new year. As is customary for celebs who visit Los Cabos no information was released with regard to where the couple were staying at. What we did get were paparazzi photos of a shirtless Pitt in flip flops enjoying the mild Cabo weather even in the first days of the year. 

Selena Gomez & Brooklyn Beckham Enjoy New Years In Los Cabos  

Proving that Los Cabos has something for everyone Selena Gomez, Brooklyn Beckham and a group of their friends also picked Los Cabos to bring in the new year. Gomez along with the Beckham’s Nicola and Brooklyn were spotted at what looks to be a hotel lobby area in Los Cabos. If you look at the outfits that Selena and Nicola were sporting upon their arrival to Los Cabos which presumably took place on December 29th, you’d think they were in a completely different part of the world than Brad was. 

Selena and her crew though quickly switched the hoodies for some bikinis. The group was more open to sharing their New Year’s experience in Cabo with their fans through social media. As Selena uploaded a couple of pictures of the group of friends playing Jenga on a Cabo beach. 

Why Celebs Choose To Spend New Year’s In Cabo  

There are quite a few reasons why celebrities tend to enjoy Cabo this time of year. The fact that they can still wear bikinis at the beach, something that probably isn’t feasible in Los Angeles this time of year is certainly part of it. Also, Cabo offers a wide variety of lodging options many of which can come with staff to cater to their every needs. That level of service is not something that is as easy to come by at other destinations. Even for celebs who would seemingly be able to pay to have a personalized service anywhere in the world. 

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas with a cloudy blue sky above.

The other main reason why celebs flock to Cabo may have to do with the privacy aspect of things. Yes, there are usually paparazzi photos of celebs that reach Los Cabos. For the most part though, it’s rarely revealed what hotel they stayed at, and where they went out at night. In fact, it’s quite surprising that the infamous Dana White video leaked. He by the way, was another top celebrity that chose to vacation in Los Cabos.

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