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How To Plan The Perfect 2024 Los Cabos Spring Break

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Across the world, it’s hard to find a modern rite of passage tradition quite as fun-filled and popular as spring break.

While its roots are in Europe in the 1800s, it found its home among the youth of America, who have turned it into one of the greatest parties in the world.

Each year, destinations all across the U.S. become home to celebrating students and young people, but the party isn’t just contained to the borders of America, and out of all the foreign destinations that draw American travelers in for this yearly party, none quite compare to Los Cabos.

Travelers lifting cocktails from a surfboard in a resort pool

With that being said, planning a spring break vacation to Los Cabos can be a daunting task, especially with so many choices on offer.

Thankfully, this article can help simplify that process; this is how to plan the perfect 2024 Los Cabos Spring Break vacation.

Friends jumping in the ocean with a sunset in the background

Plan A Budget

Before ever looking at accommodation, flights, or cocktail prices, spring breakers need to settle on a budget.

That may sound obvious, but Los Cabos is a destination with fast-climbing prices, and once in the country, it can be easy to get carried away in the atmosphere and overspend.

Pre-planning based on what your bank account can afford, and not what catches your eye in the destination, can help keep things under control and within what is reasonable.

A jar full of coins with vacation written on it

It pays to be flexible with this part of the planning process; writing out a loose budget for accommodation and flights, an entertainment budget (don’t forget to include drinks and club entry), and a transport budget can help to visualize where the money is going.

After that is done, breaking down the amount allocated for entertainment and transport into a ‘dollar amount per day’ visualization can reveal just how tight or loose the budget is.

With the boring part out of the way, travelers can get to the exciting process of choosing accommodations and events.

Tourists at a pool party at the hard rock hotel in Cabo

Choosing The Right Resort

This part is super-important; travelers want to let go and enjoy the party atmosphere that spring break delivers, and choosing the right resort cannot be downplayed.

Even during spring break, plenty of families are visiting Los Cabos, and throughout the destination, many resorts cater specifically to these families.

Furthermore, the multi-person deals offered in these resorts can be tempting to spring breakers hunting for a bargain, but taking up these offers is not a good idea.

a swimming pool in a los cabos resort

Family-centric resorts have a reputation as a calm and safe place for families to uphold, and security won’t think twice about pouring water on the party if it affects other guests.

Thankfully, Los Cabos is full of awesome resorts that cater to spring break guests, and they often have their own special deals for travelers and even fill their entertainment calendar with spring break events like pool parties and live-in-resort DJs.

The following are resorts famous for giving spring break revelers a warm welcome

  • Riu Santa Fe
  • RIU Palace
  • Pueblo Bonito Rose
  • Tesoro Los Cabos
Main Pool Area At The RIU Palace Los Cabos

Don’t Stick To The One Night Spot

Los Cabos has a few super well-known nightlife spots that are must-do experiences, including the iconic El Squid Roe and Cabo Wabo Cantina.

But that is far from all the destination has to offer, especially around spring break.

Other great venues for spring breakers to check out include The Giggling Marlin, Pink Kitty, Mandala, La Vaquita, and of course, Mango Deck, which is perhaps the hottest beach bar venue in all of Los Cabos.

Additionally, travelers won’t have any issues finding a party to join, with the whole destination coming alive in the spirit of spring break, there’s always something around the corner.

Sample More Than Just Cocktails

It’s easy for a spring break vacation to turn into a sleep-late, party-late schedule, and while catching some beauty sleep is important after a night on the town, travelers visiting Los Cabos should make time to enjoy other experiences the destination offers.

Happy travelers jumping into the ocean off of a boat on a sunny day

Around spring break the day is filled with boat parties, beach parties, and entertainment events. But on top of this, amazing restaurants and street food vendors provide some truly delicious dishes to re-energize travelers.

And for travelers feeling guilty about the number of mojitos or light beers drunk the night before, Los Cabos has a wealth of wellness & spa centers to help release some of that guilt.

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