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Top 4 Safety Tips For Los Cabos Nightclubs

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On Wednesday, February 8th video surfaced of a pickpocketing incident that took place at a bar in the Cabo San Lucas Marina area. With this in mind, we’ve crafted a list of tips to stay safe when out at a nightclub in Los Cabos. 

Dj At The Booth With Many People Dancing Inside A Club

About The Incident

In the footage, the alleged thief can be seen quickly removing a cell phone from the unsuspecting victim’s pocket. Pickpocketing is, without a doubt, one of the most common forms of robbery in popular tourist spots all over the world. While Los Cabos isn’t necessarily known for being a haven for pickpockets, the increasing number of visitors has sadly created better conditions for these types of crimes to flourish.

Keep Your Phone, Wallet & Keys In Your Front Pocket – Preferably Don’t Wear Baggy Clothes

As previously stated, pickpocketing is an issue in plenty of tourist destinations. When going out to any Cabo nightlife venue, it’s always going to be a good idea to keep your belongings in your front pockets. Ideally, you’ll want to refrain from wearing baggy clothes. These tips can certainly apply when walking into any large crowd. Not just during your time at a Los Cabos nightclub.   

Lady getting her phone stolen by a pickpocketter

Try To Only Order Drinks That Come In Closed Bottles

When the party gets wild, virtually anywhere in Mexico, tequila shots are never too far behind. Those certainly break the rules of this particular tip. Whenever possible, though, it’s a good idea to stick with drinks from a closed bottle. Whether that be ordering beer or even bottle service directly to the table. This can help you control the number of drinks that you’re consuming. Plus, it’s typically harder to tamper with a closed drink.    

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Shots of Tequila Getting Ready To Be Served At A Bar

Keep Your Drinks Near You At All Times

This tip falls right in line with the last one. There haven’t been too many reports of tainted drinks in Los Cabos and people being drugged at bars or whatever it may be. However, it’s typically better to be safe than sorry. Even in the most innocent of cases where maybe you take a sip of a drink that you didn’t intend to. It’s a good practice to keep an eye on your drinks at all times. 

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Keep Your Own Drink Tally And Don’t Assume Anything Is Free

Perhaps one of the worst things that you can experience anywhere is feeling like you’ve paid more than what you were supposed to. It’s common for there to be disputes in nightlife venues when the bill gets to the table at the end of the night. Waiters are known to charge mandatory tips that can go up to 20% of the tab or more. While this is certainly an illegal practice it commonly takes place in nightclubs throughout all of Mexico. Settling on the tip at the beginning of the night can be a good idea. 

Waiter cleaning tables at a restaurant in Mexico

Also, tourists would do well to keep their own tally on the number of drinks that they’ve had for the night. If you’re just ordering beers or drinks directly from the bartender you might not have this problem. Private tables though sometimes come with a minimum consumption fee and the forced tips. Keep that in mind if you’re going to be heading out to a Los Cabos nightclub.

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