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Los Cabos Expects 72 Cruise Ship Arrivals In March and April

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The cruise ship industry is back on track, and local businesses in Los Cabos couldn’t be happier. 3 large cruise ships from the main cruines lines, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Princess Carnival closed out the month of March in Los Cabos waters. Through this peak season boats from these main cruise lines are expected to arrive to the region up to 2 times per week. That will bring the total of cruise ship arrivals to around 72 over the next 2 months.

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What The Arrival of These Ships Means For The Local Economy

Although the local economy in Los Cabos isn’t necessarily cruise ship centric, the arrival of these ships is certainly great news for local businesses. In the two-month span that essentially covers the Spring vacation season, the 72 ships that are set to arrive at the Cabo San Lucas dock will bring in an estimated 13 million US dollars to the local economy.

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If the number of cruise ships arriving to the region continues on this current path it may very well be a record-breaking year for Los Cabos. At least when it comes to the number of ships sailing to the region. 

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The last comparable year was 2019. In that entire year around 220 cruise liners arrived in ports around the Los Cabos area. Carrying with them more than 500,000 passengers. So far this year 37 cruise liners came into Cabo waters in January with another 27 coming in February. At the end of the Spring break season the total number of ships that will have arrived to the region is set to reach over 130. Making the 2019 total seem very reachable with plenty of time remaining in the year.

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A Single Ship On A Short Stay Can Leave A Wake of 360 Thousand Dollars To The Local Economy      

Mega Cruise discovery princess was docked in Los Cabos a couple of days ago. Arriving to local shores on March 30. The Discovery Princess a ship owned and operated by Carnival Cruise lines can hold up to 3,600 passengers. According to  George Méndez Anderson of the port administration board of Los Cabos, a ship like this can contribute up to 360 thousand dollars to the local economy.

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That number estimates that each passenger on board the ship will spend an average of $100 dollars on the Los Cabos mainland. By most accounts those are actually very modest predictions and the spending could be much higher. 72 cruise ships will bring around $13 million US into the Los Cabos economy.

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Los Cabos Authorities Are Being Very Welcoming To The Ships Arriving In The Area

The March 30th arrival of Discovery Princess to Los Cabos docks marked the first time that the ship has made land in this Baja California port. This prompted a full ceremony to commemorate the event. Local port authorities mention that it’s important for them to take part in these ceremonies. To ensure that tourists, and the cruise ship crew feel welcomed in the area. The local port authorities presented the ship’s captain with a commemorative plaque.

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The voyage to the Mexican pacific is actually the ship’s maiden voyage. After it departed from its home dock of Los Angeles back on March 27th. At the time of writing for this article the ship has likely arrived in Mazatlan. It’s next scheduled stop around the Mexican pacific. As we mentioned before Princess Carnival cruises are expected to make Los Cabos trips once or twice a week in the coming months.

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Sunday 3rd of April 2022

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