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3 Reasons Why Transportation Is Los Cabos Tourists’ Primary Concern When Visiting

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Known for its luxury resorts, paradisiac beaches, and fine dining options, Los Cabos has recently become synonymous with opulent holidays. But there is a ‘but’.

Even though the municipality is among the safest in Mexico, allowing tourists to relax instead of having to worry about scams and pickpockets, there is still a main concern troubling visitors: mobility. 

Aerial view of San José del Cabo

But why is this the case? Here are three reasons why Los Cabos tourists’ primary concern when visiting is transportation. 

Regular accidents

Unfortunately, accidents in Los Cabos are a daily occurence. According to David Pérez Torres, the person in charge of Los Cabos Municipal Traffic and Road Administration Office, this year the total number of accidents that took place in the municipality amounts to over 1,100. 

Two cars in a crash accident

Of these, only 71.1% were of low intensity, meaning that no serious injury occurred, while the remaining ones had severe consequences for the people involved. 

According to an article by BCS noticias, David Pérez Torres declared: “The total number of accidents was 1,124 so far this year, of which the Municipal Traffic Directorate has been aware.” 

He later reminded drivers to always follow the road signs, avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances, and watch out for pedestrians at all times while following the speed limits: “Crashing at 80 kilometers per hour is not the same as crashing at 120,” said David Pérez Torres. 

Boats seen at the marina in Los Cabos in a beautiful day

Despite the frequent remarks from the authorities, unfortunately, the situation seems to have worsened from the previous year. In fact, the rate of accidents recorded in the municipality has registered a slight increase compared to 2022. 

The last mortal accident took place only a few days ago when three people lost their lives in a head-on collision on the San José del Cabo highway.

Reckless drivers 

Reckless drivers are surely one of the main causes of accidents in the municipality, with plenty of people regularly ignoring the signs and exceeding the speed limits. 

Restaurant Cabo San Lucas Mexico Pacific Ocean. Created

The Los Cabos authorities are trying to deal with this issue with several initiatives. For instance, the speed limits on the Transpeninsular highway have recently been decreased from 90 km/h to 60 km/h.

On top of this, a new fine system has recently been introduced, penalizing any road user who flouts traffic signs up to 31,000 Mexican pesos (roughly $1,800). 

Poor road conditions

But reckless drivers are not the only ones to be blamed. The municipality of Los Cabos is characterized by poor road conditions, often leading to accidents. 


Potholes are the norm and traffic lights and road lights are often out of service. 

These conditions unfortunately lead to huge congestion, with some tourists even missing their flights back to the USA as a consequence. 

Of course, the Los Cabos government is constantly trying to improve the condition of its streets and roads, but more needs to be done. 

Road in Los Cabos with 'turn right' signs

For instance, this year, thanks to the Permanent Pothole Program, over a thousand potholes in the municipality have been fixed.

On top of this, people working on this initiative also carried out other activities such as fixing deteriorating streets, painting curbs, establishing public lighting, and cleaning sidewalks.

Unfortunately, mobility in Los Cabos has always been a main concern for tourists visiting the area. Not by chance, roughly a month ago, the General Director of Los Cabos Tourism Trust (FITURCA), Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares, declared that this is the visitors’ main concern. 

Los cabos road leading down to the ocean

Apart from the many reckless drivers, the poor road conditions, and frequent accidents, the Los Cabos municipality also lacks valuable public options to transit from one city to another, leaving tourists with the only choice of booking a taxi, which can be extremely pricey! 

The Los Cabos authorities are currently trying to improve mobility but despite the many initiatives, still lots has to be done. 

Hopefully, in a few years, this will become a problem of the past, allowing tourists coming to Los Cabos to enjoy a top-notch luxury experience from the moment they leave the airport to the moment they return for their flight back home.

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