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5 Reasons Why Millennials Are Flocking To Los Cabos More Than Anyone Else Right Now 

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Los Cabos is a popular vacation destination for tourists of all ages, but there has been a shift in what tourism officials consider its main market.   

It used to be more popular among adults over the age of 50 years old, but now they are seeing that their main market has shifted to millennials ranging in age from 35-45 years old.   

You’re probably wondering what has led to this change, so let’s take a look at why this change has occurred and five reasons why millennials are flocking to Los Cabos more than anyone else right now according to Fiturca.   

5 Reasons Why Millennials Are Flocking To Los Cabos More Than Anyone Else Right Now

What Has Caused This Shift In Los Cabos’ Main Market? 

The shift in the main market that Los Cabos serves began to happen during the pandemic.   

Mexico’s borders remained open and travelers, particularly from the United States due to the proximity, began to flock to places like Los Cabos.   

They were looking for someplace to go with wide open spaces and places where they could work remotely, particularly millennials who held the types of jobs that allowed remote work opportunities.   

Los Cabos is one of the destinations that checked both of those boxes, plus the destination has five main things that attract millennials.   

Tourists Shopping in the Cabo Marina District


Millennials are focusing more and more on environmental concerns, and Los Cabos is developing into a sustainable destination.   

There is a major effort to disrupt nature as little as possible.   

The destination’s focus on how resources are used, the use of renewable resources, and the incorporation of hotels and resorts into the natural environment seem to be a major attraction for this age group.   

Solmar All-Inclusive Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


One of the other major attractions of Los Cabos for millennials, which goes along with their concerns regarding the environment, is the diverse nature to be explored.   

While Los Cabos is generally considered a beach vacation destination, the natural surroundings go far beyond the beaches that line the coast.   

Desert land, mountains, and nature reserves also offer opportunities to explore nature in the destination.   

Nature in San José del Cabo

Water Sports And Outdoor Activities 

Because the natural surroundings are so diverse there is a wide range of water sports and outdoor activities to be enjoyed when visiting Los Cabos.   

Tourists choose the destination because they can enjoy kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, boat tours, jet skiing, and more.   

On land, there is everything from hiking and ATVing to horseback and camel riding on the beach, so there is truly something for everyone.   

Kayakers Near the Arch of Cabo San Lucas


There is also a big focus on wellness tourism in Los Cabos, which is popular among millennials as well.   

Many of the hotels and resorts in the destination have world-class spas that offer unique treatments and wellness programs.   

Additionally, all-inclusives often include wellness activities such as yoga, workout classes, and mindfulness workshops.   

Tourists Doing Yoga on the Beach in Cabo

Resources To Travel 

Last but not least, millennials, at the height of their careers, have the resources to travel to Los Cabos, which has been steadily transforming into a luxury destination.   

Average nightly hotel rates are currently nearly $600 a night.   

Not only can many professional millennials afford those rates, but they have the types of jobs that allow them the travel time to get away more often.   

Tourists Lounging on a Beach in Los Cabos, Mexico

Hotels Millennials Are Booking In Los Cabos 

With the focus of millennials being sustainability, wellness, and luxury it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that all-inclusives are popular in Los Cabos.   

They offer a little bit of everything for one price and eliminate all of the hassle that comes with handling all of the little details.   

There are numerous fantastic, amenity-filled all-inclusive resorts in the destination that can make an amazing Los Cabos vacation even better, and what’s not to love about that, whether you’re a millennial or not?

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