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Beach Alert! Los Cabos Recommends Cautions On These Beaches Right Now 

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Los Cabos’s beaches are the destination’s number one attraction, and nearly all visitors spend at least some time on one of them.   

There are at least 25 beaches lining the 20 miles of coastline that stretches from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas, but warning flags are posted on several of them right now.   

A beach alert has been issued, as Los Cabos recommends cautions on these beaches right now. 

Let’s take a look at what those warnings are and which beaches tourists should exercise caution on. 

Red Beach Warning Flag on a Los Cabos Beach

Los Cabos Beaches With White Warning Flags 

The white beach warning flag is used to alert beachgoers of the presence of dangerous marine life in the water.   

In this case, the dangerous marine life beachgoers are being warned about is jellyfish, which can issue painful stings with their tentacles.   

Currently, white flags are posted on three Los Cabos beaches.  They are Medano Beach, El Corsario Beach, and Palmilla Beach. 

White Beach Warning Flag

Los Cabos Beaches With Yellow Warning Flags  

A yellow beach warning flag is used to warn beachgoers to exercise caution on a beach due to current conditions.   

This could be because of strong winds causing large waves, or, as it is in this case, because of strong, unpredictable currents that can carry you out to sea.   

In addition to the three beaches mentioned above, which also have yellow flags posted, there are five other beaches with yellow flag warnings.   

They include Acapulquito Beach, La Ribera Beach, Hacienda Beach, El Surgidero Beach, and Santa Maria Beach. 

Rescue Board and Yellow Flag in Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos Beaches With Red Warning Flags 

The red beach warning flag is one of the most important.   

It warns beachgoers of unsafe beach conditions and, if present, you should avoid going into the water altogether.   

In addition to the East Cape beach, La Gaviota Beach, there is also a red flag warning on Los Cabos’ Tourist Corridor beaches, including Viudas Beach and Chileno Beach.   

Yellow Beach Warning Flag

Other Beach Warning Flags  

There are two other important beach warning flags to look out for.   

Even more important than the red flag is the black flag, which warns would-be beachgoers to avoid not just the water, but the beach itself, as dangerous conditions along the shoreline are present as well.   

If you see a green flag posted on a Los Cabos beach, it indicates that conditions are favorable for enjoying all that the beach has to offer.   

Black Beach Warning Flag on a Wavy Beach

Favorite Beaches For Los Cabos Visitors 

Some beaches in Los Cabos are favored more by locals, while others are popular among tourists.   

Several of the beaches that currently have one of these warning flags posted are among tourist favorites.   

Medano Beach, which you’ve likely heard of if you’ve been to Cabo or are currently planning a vacation to the destination, is the most popular of these beaches.   

Additionally, Santa Maria Beach, Chileno Beach, and Palmilla Beach are all very popular with the tourist crowds.   

Red Warning Flag on Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

A Note About Los Cabos Beaches In General 

Many of the beaches in Los Cabos are never safe for swimming because strong currents and large waves are common.   

This is why it’s important to always keep an eye out for those beach warning flags.   

If you see a red or black flag, you should always follow those warnings, as well as those of lifeguards on duty.   

Tourists on a Beach in Los Cabos, Mexico

What To Do In Los Cabos When The Beaches Are Unsafe For Swimming 

There is plenty to do in Los Cabos if you have to avoid the beaches.   

Hiking, ATVing, horseback riding, camel riding, and day clubs are all exciting alternatives.   

If you still want the beach experience, though, without risking your safety, the pools at your resort offer a great option.   

Most of them are overlooking one of Los Cabos’ amazing beaches, so you get the view while cooling off and not taking the risk of swimming in unsafe beach conditions. 

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