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5 Reasons Why Los Cabos Is One Of The Top Luxury Destinations On Earth

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There is no shortage of fantastic, luxurious vacation destinations across the world. Dubai, of course, comes to mind, as well as the upmarket areas of Italy, Spain, and even beachless cities like Paris and London.

But none of them have achieved the same long-term and endlessly growing popularity of Los Cabos.

Especially for Americans, who have the greatest purchasing power in the world and have their pick of any destination, continue to crown Los Cabos as their favorite destination for a luxurious vacation experience.

The following 5 reasons are just some of the many factors that make Los Cabos one of the world’s top luxury destinations.

5 Reasons Why Los Cabos Is One Of The Top Luxury Destinations On Earth

Resorts That Would Make Royalty Blush

The first, and probably the biggest factor, is the world-class and outrageously luxurious resorts that can be found all over Los Cabos.

It’s difficult to find a resort, even among the budget options, in Los Cabos that doesn’t make its guests feel like celebrities or royalty.

Every detail is carefully crafted to live up to the destination’s hard-earned reputation. Depending on the resort, this can even start at the airport with a luxury car transfer direct to the front doors of the resort.

A los cabos resort pool and building at night

Rooftop bars, high-end entertainment, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and perfectly manicured grounds are just some of the common amenities to be found in Los Cabos luxury resorts.

Another common taste of the high life found throughout Los Cabos is the undeniably professional, courteous, and welcoming service provided by the staff at these resorts.

No matter if a traveler has booked the cheapest or most expensive room in a resort, they will be met with a level of service that is hard to beat the world over.

Something severely lacking from other luxurious destinations around the world is the natural and genuine warmth found in the people and culture of Mexico.

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A romantic beach meal setting on a Los Cabos beach at dusk

World-Class Wellness

Health and wellness services play a huge part in the drawing of travelers to Los Cabos. In almost every resort and across the whole destination, there is a seemingly never-ending wealth of choices for different treatments and stress-busting activities.

Travelers aren’t just invited here in the hope that sun, sea, and cocktails will rejuvenate them. The health and wellness industry here is seen as an integral part of ensuring the huge number of much beloved American travelers who visit each year return home feeling their best.

And these treatments are far from basic. There are amazing indigenous-inspired treatments that are a fusion of the old world and the new that is next to unmissable. And almost impossible to find outside of Los Cabos!

Large blue pool in spa

Choice Is Luxury

Los Cabos is a tale of two cities.

San José del Cabo is an old town full of beautiful historical buildings that provide a calm and relaxing backdrop to every vacation.

Walking around this face of Los Cabos is a relaxing treat in itself; the marina, high-end restaurants, and fantastic cocktail bars all blend well with the luxury of the surrounding resorts.

Aerial view of san jose del cabo

On the other side is Cabo San Lucas, the newer of the two cities of Los Cabos and the lively firecracker cousin to San José del Cabo.

Full of unforgettable nightclubs, live music venues, and a much more lively atmosphere, Cabo San Lucas provides the ying to San José del Cabo’s yang.

The choice to decide on what vibe suits best on each day of the vacation, lively or relaxed, is a choice hard to find in other destinations. And another super positive aspect to a vacation in Los Cabos.

group of girls toasting drinks in a bar

Luxurious Excursions

Walk along the beachfront of Los Cabos, and every traveler will quickly spot the large number of luxurious yachts and pleasure boats sailing happily along the coastline.

Hiring one of these pleasure crafts, complete with a professional crew, champagne, high-end meals, and a stunning coastal sailing route in Los Cabos, is a highly recommended activity.

And this isn’t an experience reserved for the ultra-spenders while on vacation. While there are many super-yacht experiences for those willing to spend the big bucks, there is also a huge variety of smaller, but still luxurious, tours that split amongst a group come in at no more than a few hundred dollars each.

A rental yacht speeding through the waters of los cabos

High-End Dining

With the scene set by the rest of the factors in this article, it should come as no surprise that Los Cabos is bursting at the seams with outstanding restaurants and dining experiences.

The destination has for decades been a huge draw for world-famous chefs and their restaurants, and the quality of produce across Los Cabos always comes in for special praise.

A fine dining meal

Just in the fine-dining sphere alone, Los Cabos is packed with amazing options, some of the most highly regarded of which are:

  • Los Tamarindos
  • Acre Restaurant
  • Comal
  • Cocina de Autor
  • Manta

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