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5 Of The Top Things To Do In Los Cabos According To Lonely Planet

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Los Cabos is a booming tourist destination with plenty to offer. So Lonely Planet recently put together a list of favorite activities for tourists. We singled out five of the most popular things to do in Los Cabos. From snorkeling and paddleboarding to art fairs and great food, check out all the options for your next trip.

Los Cabos marina

Explore the art and culture of San Jose del Cabo

When it comes to Los Cabos, most people immediately think of Cabo San Lucas, where the nightlife and high-end resorts meet celebrities. However, if you want to get a more authentic, slow-paced side of Los Cabos, San Jose del Cabo is where to go. 

Centered around art exhibits, good food, and cobblestone streets of the art district, the city center has Thursday evening art walks from November through June. There are many smaller shops and art galleries to go shopping for hand-crafted furniture, paintings, and housewares made by local artists.

Art gallery San Jose del Cabo

Visit landmarks Lover’s beach and Land’s end

Perhaps the most famous landmark in Los Cabos is The Arch (El Arco). It is a natural feature emerging from a jagged rocky island. Tourists will often take boat taxis around the point to check out the natural landmark, and some will paddleboard over to it and spend time on the beach. 

It’s good to know that boat taxis come and go from that point, so it’s pretty easy to plan for a pick-up time from Land’s End.

Lovers beach is one of the more pristine beaches in all of Mexico. The beach is next to the arch and has swimmable waters on the sea of Cortez side; however, the Pacific side is not safe for swimming.

Lands end near the arch

Explore the southern Baja desert

If you need to get away from the crowded beaches and boat tours, then maybe exploring the Baja desert is your thing? Mt. Solmar is the go-to hiking spot outside of Cabo San Lucas. It’s just about an hour walking uphill and gives you some great views of the local area.

Top of mt. solmar

There are some activities in the desert you can pay for as well. You can rent a donkey (burro) and tour around part of the desert and coastlines for the slower-paced tourist. If a thrill-seeking experience is what you’re looking for, you can try zip-lining through desert canyons to get a unique view of the memorable landscape.

zip lining

Water activities right off the beach

Two of the most popular activities in Los Cabos are swimming and snorkeling. Benefitting from the white smooth sandy beaches and clear blue waters you can see through, both of these activities are favorites for tourists.

Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas will be the busiest beach by far, and there are quieter and more family-friendly beaches such as Palmilla beach as well. Both of these beaches will find swimmers and snorkeling; however if you want the best snorkeling in the area, head to Chileno Beach for beautiful marine life.

Chileno Beach

Great selections of places to eat

There are certainly dozens of excellent places to eat around the Los Cabos area, almost too many to mention. A popular style of restaurant right now is farm-to-table. Being able to not only have a great meal but learn more about your food and where it comes from. Floras Field Kitchen offers great fresh food, and cooking classes or garden tours are also available.

Maybe you’re not looking to break the bank and want to try a great taco stop. You have Taco Gardenias in Cabo San Lucas or La Lupita, which offers creative styles of traditional Mexican food.

Restaurant in San Jose del Cabo