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3 Ways Los Cabos Will Beautify The City For Upcoming Busy Season

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With the high season right around the corner, Los Cabos authorities are now starting to beautify the region to impress the many tourists choosing this destination for their holidays. 

The projects are several and extremely creative, but today we will focus on only three of these. 

Here are 3 ways in which the Los Cabos government is beautifying its cities for the high season. 

cabo San Lucas BCS Boats in the bay of Cabo San Lucas as part of the tourism that increases during the summer vacation season. the baja lifestyle

More art in the city

Since its construction in 2015, the bridge located in the northern area of Cabo San Lucas has never been given a touch of color.

But things are about to change as the Los Cabos government has decided to collaborate with local artists to beautify its columns. 

cabo San Lucas BCS Mexico Aug 16 2023. Boats in the bay of Cabo San Lucas

The project will be completed by December 16th and is being carried out in collaboration with the Environmental Group Green Cats. 

Talking about this innovative project, Ana María Sánchez, the President of the organization, declared: “Now we return to recovering abandoned spaces and trying to give a new image to the port of Cabo San Lucas.”

Several artists have been involved in this initiative. In particular, a local artist named Alan commented: “The bridge is called the ‘bridge of the alebrijes (…)’ [Now] it has been given a touch, in some cases, of magic to represent (…) a part of the popular Mexican imagery.”

Detail of Dragon Alebrije in Oaxaca, Mexico

Alebrije is a Spanish word indicating brightly colored sculptures made of paper and representing fantastical creatures. They first originated in Mexico City and have then spread all over the country. 

With this project, the Los Cabos government is not only trying to bring a touch of color and art to its city for the joy of its visitors but also paying tribute to Mexican culture and unique folklore. 

New green areas

The Los Cabos government is well aware of the importance of creating green spaces where both locals and tourists alike can relax and breathe in some fresh air. 

Rock formation near The Lovers Beach in Baja in Los Cabos, with the blue ocean and under a sunny summer day, Cabo San Lucas Baja California Sur.

This is why, thanks to the Municipal Thematic Parks With A Human Sense program, it is now working on the rehabilitation of over 165 public parks located in different areas of the municipality. 

The project aims at beautifying local parks, gardens, and sports areas, and up till now, 4,075 services have already been carried out. 

A total of 61 parks have benefitted from this program in Cabo San Lucas, 80 in San José del Cabo, and an extra 25 in the northern area of the municipality. 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Scene at the beach of Playa Medano in Los Cabos in a beautiful sunny day with a beach vendor

The program will ensure all areas will have public and private services, will be cleaned of trash, and will get a new architectural design to showcase their unique identity. 

Road rehabilitation 

Lastly, the Los Cabos government is now addressing what turned out to be tourists’ main concern in the municipality: mobility. 

People who already visited Los Cabos know how traffic can cause huge problems in the area, including massive delays for travelers heading to the airport to catch a last-minute flight. 

Proposal Made To Remove Toll Fee For Busy Los Cabos Highway

This is due to a variety of reasons among which is the poor conditions of the roads play a big role. 

In particular, the Transpeninsular Highway needs plenty of repairs. This road connects the two main cities in the municipality, San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas to the local airport, and is therefore often used by tourists. 

Unfortunately, the recent hurricane Norma has caused several damages. 

The General Director of the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications, and Transportation in Baja California Sur, Marco Antonio Gutiérrez de la Rosa, declared that constant works are now being carried out. 

Traffic jam

In a recent interview, he stated that a project involving the resurfacing of twelve kilometers of the Transpeninsular Highway is also being planned. 

Earth removal is another main concern after the many landslides caused by Hurricane Norma. 

Talking about the issue, Gutiérrez de la Rosa declared: “As soon as the weather conditions permit, we will begin to remove the silt that was on the road.”

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KC Mills

Tuesday 7th of November 2023

Very nice. What about relieving the awful traffic backup leading into Cabo San Lucas and also the San Jose side which backs up to Palmilla!!