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3 Ways Los Cabos Authorities Are Keeping Beaches Safe For Tourists Right Now

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Hurricane season, which typically takes place during the spring through fall months, in Los Cabos is notorious and often disrupts the gentle blue waters the BCS vacation spot is known for. 

In this past year alone, Los Cabos officials have had to shut down several beaches for periods of time due to weather-related issues from Hurricane Hilary

Aside from hurricane season, when Los Cabos beaches are open to the public, travelers from all over the world flock to them as they are attracted by their unparalleled beauty and serene conditions.

Red Warning Flag on a Beach in Los Cabos, Mexico

Although Los Cabos beaches are primarily known for their calm crystal clear waters and endless array of ocean activities, they are also some of the most sustainable, safe beaches in the world. 

Los Cabos officials and locals have numerous ways of keeping the beaches clean, safe, and accessible for tourists all year round. 

Family on the Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

In this past year, amid record-high numbers of tourists coming to vacation in Los Cabos, local authorities have kept the beaches cleaner, safer, and better than ever in these 3 ways. 

World Beach and Coastal Clean-Up Day 

On September 27th, Los Cabos official authorities have scheduled an event for locals and tourists to participate in– the World Beach and Coastal Clean-Up Day

man cleaning beach with rake

Beginning at 8:00 a.m., the event geared towards sustainability and conservation will focus on deposing of the garbage found on Los Cabos beaches and cleaning the overall areas. 

Through the efforts of The Ocean Conservancy (NGO), Oscar Leggs Castro (chair of the Government of Los Cabos), and Jorge Alonso Meza Núñez (head of the Municipal Coordination of the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone), the event aims to keep Los Cabos beaches clean and raise public awareness about environmentalism efforts. 

Blue Flag Certification 

In addition to World Beach and Coastal Clean-Up Day, Los Cabos officials ensure that their beaches are sustainably conserved by awarding sites with their rare and famous blue flag certification. 

blue flag on beach

The blue flag certification, given to 25 beaches in Los Cabos so far, is a prestigious certification given to the safest and most sustainable beaches, which need to meet various stringent requirements in order to receive it. 

In order to obtain their hard-earned blue flag status, these beaches also have to uphold these specific standards. Otherwise, the certification can be revoked. 

Seeing the blue flag at a Los Cabos beach is essentially a gold star for tourists, as they instantly know that the beach they’re visiting will suit their safety, health, and entertainment needs. 

Aerial view of Chileno Beach in Los Cabos with man walking in the sand

The increasingly popular vacation destination in the Baja California Sur happens to have the most beaches with this rare certification in North America. 

Beaches included in the high-ranking list are Acapulquito, Chileno, Corsario, El Surgidero, Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos, Grand Velas Los Cabos, Hacienda, Las Viudas, Palmilla, Santa María, La Ribera, La Gaviota, Médano Breathless, Médano Casa Dorada, Médano Club Cascadas de Baja, Médano ME Cabo, Médano Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos, Médano Pueblo Bonito Rose, Médano Riu Palace Los Cabos, Médano Riu Palace Baja California, Médano Riu Santa Fe, Médano Villa Del Palmar, Médano Villa El Arco, Médano Villa La Estancia, Paradisus Los Cabos.

More Lifeguards Posted On Beaches 

In an effort to protect tourists, in addition to increasing sustainability and conservation efforts, Los Cabos government officials also deployed more lifeguards on the beaches this past June. 

lifeguard sitting surveying beach

With the rising numbers of tourists flocking to Los Cabos beaches for a getaway in paradise, local authorities placed more lifeguards on the beaches in order to ensure safety measures were in place. 

Qualified to rescue swimmers from danger due to strong currents or dangerous marine life, these lifeguards were added to ensure the safety of both locals and tourists visiting the various Los Cabos beaches. 

lifeguard tool at a beach

There are also security guards posted at some Los Cabos beaches, providing guests with that extra sense of comfort that if there is an accident, they can get the help they need. 

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