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Should Travelers Worry As More Hurricanes Expected In Los Cabos This Fall? 

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Nobody wants to be stuck in a vacation destination during a hurricane or have their vacation canceled due to a hurricane.   

But these are things that can happen when visiting certain vacation destinations, like Los Cabos.   

But how often does it really happen?  And should travelers worry now that more hurricanes are expected in Los Cabos this fall? 

Hurricane hitting island jetty

Los Cabos Hurricane Season 

In Los Cabos, the hurricane season, which would be the Pacific hurricane season, runs from May 15th through November 30th.   

Typically in the past, the most active month for storms has been September, but weather officials are warning that this year, there may be more activity in October and November.   

So, should you be worried if you have a Los Cabos vacation planned during these months?   

A little knowledge about the Los Cabos hurricane season might ease your worries.   

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History Of Hurricanes In Los Cabos 

Hurricanes on the west coast are typically less frequent and not as strong as those that form in the Atlantic, so strong hurricanes in Los Cabos are rare.   

The last major hurricane to make landfall in Los Cabos was in September of 2014, which was Hurricane Odile, a strong category 3 storm.   

Since then, a number of storms have made landfall in the Los Cabos region, but none quite as strong as Odile.   

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How Bad Storms Get In The Pacific 

Pacific storms that develop out to sea often stay a decent distance away from the Los Cabos coast.   

If it’s a strong storm, though, like the recent Hilary storm that developed in August of this year, it can affect the vacation destination.   

That storm stayed more than 300 miles off of the coast and still caused beaches and ports to be closed and some damage from the rain.   

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How Los Cabos Prepares For Hurricanes And Tropical Storms 

Since the last major hurricane hit Los Cabos, officials, citizens, and hotel management and staff have gotten better at preparing for storms.   

Hotels particularly have the difficult job are protecting visitors, and there are specific guidelines they have to follow. 

They include: 

  • Having a backup communication system. 
  • Designating a specific area to evacuate guests to. 
  • Having a structural inspection performed. 
  • Submitting a comprehensive hurricane plan for review.   
Palm trees blowing in the wind and rain during a strong storm.

Protecting Yourself With Travel Insurance 

If you’re traveling to Los Cabos during the next couple of months and you’re nervous about a hurricane interfering with your vacation, one way to ease your mind is with travel insurance.   

Not only may it cover your trip if it’s canceled, but it might cover some of the expenses if your trip is interrupted too.   

It’s always a good idea to have travel insurance when traveling overseas, but during hurricane season, it’s even more important.   

Storm Headed Towards Los Cabos

What To Do If You’re In Los Cabos During A Storm 

The first thing you should do upon hearing about an impending storm is download a weather information app.  

Then you should write down the area’s hotline number to get information about any storms.   

Once you know for sure if a storm is going to hit, communicate with your hotel’s staff to determine what their plan is in case of emergencies.   

Stormy Day in Cabo overlooking the marina with a view of boats while it's raining.

Visiting Los Cabos During Hurricane Season 

Aside from having to worry about a storm coming, the weather during the last couple of months of hurricane season in Los Cabos is mild.   

It’s a great time to visit for many reasons.   

As long as you plan accordingly and make the right preparations, you can have an amazing vacation in Los Cabos, even during hurricane season.

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