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3 Reasons Los Cabos Is The Best Destination In Mexico This Summer

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Los Cabos is currently the second most popular resort town in Mexico based on the number of tourists that arrive at the destination.

In many ways, though, it could certainly be considered the very best destination to vacation in Mexico this summer.

Here are 3 reasons that you’re going to want to consider Cabo as your Mexican summer vacation destination besides the fact that it’s going to be less crowded than Cancun! 

Beach chairs in cabo

Los Cabos Has Much Cleaner Beaches Than Other Mexican Destinations

Over the last few years, the beaches along the Mexican Caribbean coast have been dealing with massive amounts of the foul-smelling seaweed known as sargassum ending up on their shores.

This seaweed can cover up entire beaches. Even if hotels or local authorities make an effort to clean up the beach, more and more seaweed piles up on the shore day after day. 

Beach filled with sargassum

The Mexican Pacific so far has proven to be immune from the seaweed issues. Some of the theories surrounding why this seaweed forms indicate it has something to do with the dry winds from the Sahara desert.

This means the Mexican Pacific coast probably won’t be dealing with this problem at any point in the near future. 

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Beautiful Los Cabos Beach at Sunset

On top of that, Cabo hotels, as well as the local government, have invested heavily in certifying many Cabo beaches as Blue Flag beaches.

This distinction is only given to those beaches across the world that meet very specific criteria, with Cabo being the North American city with the most certified beaches.

This means that local authorities and the private sector are both heavily invested in ensuring the beaches remain clean to retain their certification.  

Blue flag waving on the beach sign of certification

Cabo Is Much Safer Than Other Mexican Cities 

Many Mexican beach cities have suffered from a wave of violence that has unfortunately swept Mexico in the last few years.

In most metrics, Cabo has been able to remain near the top as one of the safest cities in the country. The quarterly survey run by the Mexican data institute INGEI has Cabo as the safest Mexican beach destination.

This is a survey that’s conducted on locals who grade how safe they feel in their own city. 

Police Officer Patrolling Beach Vendors

The U.S. State Department has also kept Cabo consistently in a better ranking than some of the other Mexican beach cities.

The State of Baja California Sur has remained in the second warning level that the Department gives out.

In the rankings, there’s usually a special note verifying that traveling to the popular tourist destinations of Los Cabos and La Paz is safe for American citizens. 

Police Checking the Bags of Vendors on a Los Cabos Beach

The Unique Day Trips That You Can Be A Part of While In Cabo

We don’t want to say that exploring a cenote near Tulum or heading to Mayan ruins within the Yucatan Peninsula is not a unique day trip.

In many ways though, these are activities in or near the Caribbean that tourists know more about. Cabo has its own unique set of things that you can do outside of laying on a towel at El Medano Beach.

Many of the people who come here may miss out on them just because they’re a bit under-advertised.  

Sellers On El Medano Beach

For example, you could go on an excursion to the Fox Canyon area, where you can explore the desert-like atmosphere that’s unique to Cabo.

Those trips can include riding a camel on the beach. That’s typically not something you’ll be able to do on other Mexican beaches.

You also have restaurants on the outskirts of Cabo, like Flora Farms, where you can enjoy farm-to-table food while looking out into the farm as the sun sets. You feel more like you’re in wine country than at a beach.   

Zorra Canyon Los Cabos

Of course, a list of day trips that you can do in Cabo would not be complete without a visit to the Cabo Pulmo national park.

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the world’s aquarium. You may not be swimming in a cave like you would in a cenote, but this area has the most diverse wildlife that you’ll find in any one diving spot, potentially in the whole world.

Divers In Cabo Pulmo Near Los Cabos

Of course, if you want to do something a bit more tame, there’s always a nice tour that you can take out to the Los Cabos Arch. You could be in for a treat if you go during whale watching season for sure!

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