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Why Tourists Should Avoid This Popular Beach Near Los Cabos Right Now 

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Los Cabos is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, with places such as Lover’s Beach, El Medano Beach, and Santa Maria Beach, known for the cleanliness of their sand, great views, and tranquil waters. 

Shore in La Paz on a sunny day with palm tree

Of course, this municipality is not the only place in Baja California Sur renowned for its beaches! Not by chance, just a few days ago, four beaches in the La Paz municipality, El Saltito, Balandra 1, Balandra 2, and El Coromuel, were awarded the so-called Platinum certification

Despite this, some areas are now suffering from the huge influx of tourists characterizing these municipalities. This is the case of Pichilingue Beach in the city of La Paz. 

What’s happening at Pichilingue Beach

In recent years, Pichilingue Beach has become incredibly popular among tourists traveling by camper. 

Garbage on a beach

Most tourists tend to park their vehicles here to enjoy the nice weather and immerse themselves in the most authentic beach lifestyle for a bit. Some stay here for a few days, while others stop for weeks. However, there is a negative side to it. 

With so many visitors arriving here every day, Pichilingue Beach is now covered in garbage. According to local news, this area is now characterized by the bad smell coming from the abandoned trash. But this is not all. Vultures often come here to feed on the waste left behind by tourists. 

Recent estimates show that an average of 40 black bags are left on this shore every day. 

Pichilingue bay, La Paz Baja California Sur Mexico

Local complaints

The situation has become so critical that locals are now complaining. A citizen criticized the tourists’ behavior by stating that the police should regulate the number of vehicles parked in the area. 

He also complained about local boats: “There is no thought that there will be wind or high tide (…). If a high tide comes, what no longer fits in the boat can be swept away by the water.”

He later added that Pichilingue Beach is not the only beach affected by this phenomenon, as other nearby locations, such as El Tecolote, are experiencing the same issues. 

Sunny beach in the La Paz municipality

What is the local government doing? 

The local government is well aware of this issue, but up till now, not much has been done to address the problem. 

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, members of the Federal Maritime Zone (ZOFEMAT) clean Pichilingue Beach of all the waste left by tourists and locals. However, much more work is needed to fix the current situation. 

Unfortunately, unlike other popular beaches, such as Balandra, this area is not a designated protected natural area, so vehicles can park here without sanction. 

Beach Full Of Trash And Weeds

Some other beaches worth visiting

Considering Pichilingue Beach may not be the best place to visit right now, what other nearby areas are worth checking out? 

Luckily, the La Paz municipality is home to a variety of places where to enjoy the water without having to deal with mountains of waste. 

First and foremost, tourists should explore the four beaches that recently received the Platinum certification. 

Balandra Beach Located in La Paz, Mexico

This award is given by the Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification (IMNC) to all beaches, providing visitors with ideal conditions for surfing as well as pristine sand and clean water. 

Talking about this certification, the General Director of IMNC, Viviana Fernández Camargo, stated: “The new trend is (…) protection, care, and providing services that are sustainable, safe, and (the construction of) recreational spaces that we can enjoy without affecting our environment.” 

In particular, Balandra Beach can be considered one of the best in the municipality. This place is now so popular thanks to its stunning views and levels of cleanliness that local authorities had to limit access to the area and even charge a small fee. 

People enjoying a summer vacation on the beach, on a sunny morning in El Coromuel beach

El Coromuel Beach is one of the best locations for families due to its many palapas and its calm waters, where kids of all ages can swim safely. 

Last but not least, El Salito Beach is perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts, thanks to its colorful coral reefs. 

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