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Why Tourists Are Flocking To This Popular City Near Los Cabos Right Now

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There are plenty of sites near Los Cabos that are worth visiting, from the breathtaking Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park to the charming little village of Todos Santos. 

But there is one city in particular that is now gathering tourists from all corners of Mexico.

Carnival parade in La Paz

We’re talking about La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur. 

But why are so many people heading there right now? 

La Paz Carnival

Today, February 8th, is the official beginning of the famous Carnival of La Paz. With the 2024 motto ‘México Fantástico’, easily translated as ‘Fantastic Mexico’, this is one of the most important celebrations in Baja California Sur and is therefore celebrated with great fanfare. 

Traditional Baja California Carnival with thousand of people, parade, food and dance

This unique event was organized by the XVII City Council of La Paz in collaboration with the Carnival Committee under the coordination of the General Directorate of Inclusion and Diversity and takes place every year.  

The festivities started today and will go on until the 13th of February. But what should tourists heading to La Paz expect? 

Visitors will find plenty of food stands selling local delicacies, street concerts with renowned local artists, and, of course, a massive parade with spectacular costumes. 

Close up of a woman face in a colorful costume parading at the La Paz Carnival

On the first day, locals take part in the coronation of the Carnival Queen of Youth and the King of Joy. This year, Nicole I and Bryan Razo were chosen for these roles. 

The following days will be celebrated with several performances by local artists, among which Turbulence and Burrita Burrona, two local entertainers, María León, the former vocalist of Playa Limbo, and the youth band Jenny and the Mexicats, just to mention a few. 

High levels of safety

Considering the high numbers of people expected to flock to La Paz in the upcoming days, the local government has decided to deploy roughly 500 officers to keep everyone safe. 

People watching the La Paz Carnival parade

On top of this, a total of 30 vehicles will patrol the city’s streets and busiest areas. 

Commenting on these safety measures, the Municipal President of La Paz, Milena Quiroga Romero, declared: “Last year, people were very happy, there was a lot of security. That is also very important, so [we can confidently say] that it would be a family environment. This year, we are going to reinforce these security measures by deploying nearly 500 police officers on the boardwalk.”

Other reasons to visit La Paz right now

Although these days, Carnival will be the main focus in La Paz, there are a few extra reasons why tourists may now want to consider a trip to the capital of Baja California Sur. 

Shore in La Paz on a sunny day with palm tree

First and foremost, we are currently in the middle of whale season. In particular, with a bit of luck, you may get the chance to see gray whales, which usually approach the coasts of this Mexican state from January to March. 

This can be a unique opportunity to see these majestic aquatic mammals leisurely enjoying their lives in their natural habitat. 

Another great reason to visit La Paz right now is to make the most out of the mild temperatures typical of this period before the arrival of the rainy season.

Sunny beach in the La Paz municipality

Visitors will be able to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, from sightseeing to hiking. 

For instance, this could be a great time to visit the popular island of Espíritu Santo Island. Located 30 km off the coast of La Paz, this tiny island is now extremely popular among tourists thanks to the incredible fauna found here, with whale sharks and gray whales having been spotted here recently. 

Espíritu Santo Island was recognized as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site in 2005, and two years later, in 2007, it also became part of the official Mexico National Park list. 

Isla Espiritu Santo, Sea Of Cortes, la paz baja california sur.

With the possibility to try out water sports such as snorkeling and kayaking, tourists heading to La Paz cannot miss the chance to enjoy an exciting day trip to this unique site. 

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