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Why Tourists Are Flocking To This Island Paradise Near Los Cabos Right Now

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It’s been a busy February for tourist visits to the island paradise of Isla Espiritu Santo off the coast of La Paz.

According to a local tour boat operator, the visitors were greeted with a sighting of not only whale sharks but also gray whales, along with some traditional great vacation sportfishing.

Baja Island Dreaming

Isla Espiritu Santo, Sea Of Cortes, la paz baja california sur.

Prior to February, the boat tour season had a pretty slow start. Unusually cold and dreary weather had many tourists wanting to stay inside instead of hitting the waves in search of nature.

However, February has been altogether different. The weather has improved, and so has the number of travelers looking to head out to Isla Espiritu Santo.

It is a good sign to see the strong visitor interest heading into the upcoming spring holiday travel season in just a couple of weeks.

Isla Espiritu Santo

In fact, according to the boat tour operators, with 120 boats currently in operation, the number of travelers heading out to Isla Espiritu Santo is actually up 20 percent over last year.

What’s Special About Isla Espiritu Santo?

Isla Espiritu Santo is located off the coast of La Paz and just a couple of hours’ drive away from Los Cabos.

It is an island paradise full of nature unlike anywhere else in the world. In fact, it is so special that it was recognized as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site in 2005 and an official Mexico National Park since 2007.

isla espíritu santo cliffs

Travelers should not let the somewhat barren and jagged cliffs set their perception of the amazing tourist spot upon arrival by boat. Instead, let the warm welcome by sea lions set the right mood.

Nature and water sports are what Isla Espiritu Santo is about for travelers. Tourists can snorkel with ocean wildlife or get an above-water view in a kayak or even stand-up paddleboard. How about diving around the island’s protected natural reefs?

Leave the boat and climb up to the desert scrub and mixed flora and fauna that is Isla Espiritu Santo. There are plenty of hiking trails for travelers to explore.

man hiking in the baja california sur

There is an adventure for every tourist at Isla Espiritu Santo, and it is not surprising that with the weather starting to finally improve, travelers are flocking to board boat tours to explore this enchanting piece of Baja California Sur.

Tips for Travelers

Getting out to Isla Espiritu Santo for a cruise, water adventure, hiking excursion, or even to swim with the whale sharks is easy.

crowded tour boat in cabo

There are a number of local providers that will take tourists out to the island based on what their adventure is, their budget and also how much time they have to spend visiting the area.

There are several different packages, some of which include lunch and guided tours of the island, to meet the needs and desires of most travelers.

It’s a good idea to select a few different boat tour providers and compare the prices of the different tours. While they are currently very busy and will get busier before the upcoming spring holiday travel season, they are very competitive, and deals exist.

Diver swimming with a whale shark

However, if a tourist is seeking to make a reservation for the upcoming spring holiday travel season starting in a couple of weeks, it is essential to make that reservation now.

Several of the adventures near Isla Espiritu Santo, such as swimming with the whale sharks, are limited in number and restricted to a specific number of wristbands that are issued. There is also limited availability to access the island for hiking and pictures.

The demand for travel to the island now means that it will most likely sell out once the spring travel season arrives.

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