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Why These 3 Charming Small Towns Near Los Cabos Are Best Explored In The Winter

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Known for its all-inclusive resorts, breathtaking beaches, and high levels of safety, Los Cabos has climbed the popularity ladder in the last few years, becoming one of the most visited places in Mexico. 

But with more and more tourists flocking to this municipality every year, visitors are now starting to look for nearby towns to explore and get the most authentic Mexican experience. 

El Sargento Beach, La Ventana Baja California Sur Mexico. Aerial view panorama landscape

Luckily, the Los Cabos municipality and its surroundings are home to a variety of small villages where people can try to surf the Pacific Ocean waves, go for long hikes in nature, or familiarize themselves with the local culture. 

But what are the best towns to explore in the area? This largely depends on the season. In winter, however, these are the three most charming villages in Los Cabos worth a visit. 

La Ventana

el sargento beach la ventana baja california sur mexico aerial view panorama landscape

Located along the Sea of Cortez, La Ventana is a small town ideal for those wanting to enjoy water sports, such as surfing, in a more secluded area compared to the most popular beaches in Cabo San Lucas. 

Reachable with a 40-minute drive from La Paz and a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Los Cabos International Airport, this town is particularly popular among kiteboarders and windsurfers due to the fresh breeze that characterizes this area. 

The best period to visit La Ventana is from November to March when winds average 15 to 30 mph, making these the ideal months for all water sports requiring strong winds. 

el sargento beach la ventana baja california sur

Apart from these activities, tourists can also try out snorkeling to come face to face with the many colorful fish species inhabiting these waters. Alternatively, kayaking is another popular option due to the many nooks and crannies located here, where you will feel like a real explorer. 

People heading to La Ventana can either choose to spend the night in the nearby La Paz, getting the chance to also visit another city, or opt for the Chilo Chill glamping site to truly immerse themselves in unspoiled Mexican nature. 

Los Barriles

With a population of fewer than 2,000 people, Los Barriles is the place to be if you’re hoping to escape the Los Cabos winter crowds. 

With a focus on the boat in the foreground, waves wash up on shore at the beautiful town of Los Barriles, Baja California Sur, Mexico

If your idea of a holiday is all about unspoiled beaches and a long, lazy afternoon spent in the water, this is the place to be. 

Similarly to La Ventana, this area is also popular among windsurfers and kiteboarders as, from December to March, it offers the perfect wind conditions for these sports. But there’s more!

Visitors heading to Los Barriles from October to February may get the chance to see rare whale shark pods that usually congregate in these areas of Mexico. 

Waves wash up on shore at the beautiful town of Los Barriles, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world and are widely known for their beautiful colors. 

With a lifespan going from 80 to 130 years, swimming with these gigantic fish will be a one-in-a-lifetime experience you will cherish for life. 

About 110 km (68 miles) northeast of Cabo San Lucas, Los Barriles can be a good destination for either a one-day trip or a longer adventure. 


Tourists horseback riding on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California

Last on our list is Migriño. If, unlike most other tourists heading to Los Cabos, your aim is not to enjoy lazy afternoons at the beach but to immerse yourself in the local flora, this is the place for you. 

Migriño is home to unique cactus-lined arroyo pits where you will be able to admire exceptional cactus species. 

Opt for a horseback riding adventure, go for a solitary hike, or hop on a boat to enjoy a whale-watching tour to witness these stunning mammals in their natural area. 

Humpback Whale in Sea of Cortes México in Los Cabos traveling in Whale season

The winter months are the perfect time to visit Migriño, not only because it is in this period that whales can be spotted in this area but also because the mild temperatures typical of this season are ideal for activities such as hiking and horseback riding. 

Migriño is located roughly 30 km (18 miles) north of Cabo San Lucas, making this the perfect place for a quick one-day trip. 

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