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Why Now Is The Best Time To Visit Los Cabos For This Popular Travel Trend 

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Most people head to Los Cabos to enjoy the breathtaking beaches of this municipality and fully release all the stress accumulated throughout the year in one of the massive all-inclusive resorts located here. 

But this Mexican gem can offer way more than this!

Whale jumping in the water at Los Cabos with a boat in the background

Tourists are now starting to come to Los Cabos to explore nearby villages and immerse themselves in the most authentic Mexican culture, take part in unique events and festivals, and hike the beautiful valleys of Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve. 

Lately, however, there is a travel trend that is slowly becoming more and more popular in this area. We’re talking about animal spotting! 

Los Cabos has plenty of natural areas and national parks where animals of different species leisurely live their lives in complete harmony with their surroundings. Winter is, without a doubt, the best season to spot them! 

Los Cabos arch on a sunny day

But why? And most importantly, which species can be seen in Los Cabos in this period? Here are three reasons why now is the best time to visit Los Cabos for those interested in animal spotting! 

Swimming with whale sharks

Swimming with whale sharks is a one-in-a-lifetime experience everyone should try at least once. This species is the largest fish in the world, and despite its intimidating name, it’s extremely docile. 

Whale sharks mostly eat plankton as well as small squid and fish and are, therefore, not interested in humans. 

A whale shark swimming

As a matter of fact, at times, this massive fish may even get close to people and play with them!

With a lifespan going from 80 to 130 years, these animals can reach a length of 18 meters (59 feet). Known for their beautiful colors, ranging from blue-gray to gray-brown with checkerboard patterns across their back and later sides, whale sharks are the ideal subject for underwater photographers. 

But where and when can you swim with these gentle giants? Whale sharks can be found in the Los Cabos area roughly all year round. However, the peak season goes from November to April.

A whale shark underwater swimming towards the camera

Tourists will find this gigantic fish in Bahia de La Paz, with several tours departing on a daily basis from Cabo San Lucas. 

Bird Watching

Another popular activity in Los Cabos is bird watching. Not by chance, plenty of migratory birds decide to reach the warm coats of Baja California Sur during the winter months to escape the freezing temperatures typical of North America. 

A great place to spot some bird species is the San José del Cabo estuary. Spanning over a territory of approximately 125 acres, just a short walk away from the center of San José del Cabo, here visitors will find an incredible variety of birds. 

Thin band of sand separates the Pacific Ocean from the San Jose del Cabo Estuary in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Red-tailed hawks, frigate birds, turkey vultures, pelicans, gulls, egrets, and herons can be found in this area, leisurely enjoying the water. 

This park was declared a Natural Protected Area in 1994, and since then, the local government has made it its aim to preserve and protect these lands. 

To this day, no vehicle can enter the San José del Cabo estuary to protect the many animal species living here. Luckily, tourists can explore the area on foot. 

Whale watching tours

Whale in Cabo San Lucas

Last on our list are whales! These humongous marine mammals reach the coasts of Baja California Sur in early December to return to the Arctic in mid-April. 

Even though they can be spotted throughout all of these months, the peak season goes from late December to late January, making this the best period to spot these wonderful specimens. But where can tourists see whales in Los Cabos? 

Some tourists in the past managed to get a glimpse of these marine mammals from the shore! In particular, Santa Maria Beach and Chileno Beach are renowned for random whale sightings. However, you must be extremely lucky to see these animals this way.

Whale jumping in water near Los Cabos beach

Alternatively, tourists can take a tour to look for whales with local experts who know exactly where to find these lovely giants. 

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