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Why Los Cabos Beaches Will Be Safer For Tourists In 2024

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With the peak spring holiday travel season right around the corner, Los Cabos officials are working to add more lifeguards to local beaches to keep tourists safe and secure.

Recruiting Lifeguards

Before the peak travel seasons in winter and spring, Los Cabos officials gear up for the rapid increase in travelers coming to enjoy fantastic surf and sand in the beach resort destination by holding an Aquatic Rescue Academy.

Photo of lifeguard rescue surfboard with yellow warning flag and no camping sign at Palmilla Beach

About 35-40 prospective lifeguards will apply to be part of the team serving tourists enjoying the beaches of Los Cabos.

At the end, about half will make the cut to be certified to protect travelers.

Each of the lifeguard trainees undergoes four to six months of on-the-job training, where they learn important skills to keep visitors to Los Cabos safe.

Tourist Safety Training

Lifeguard walking on a beach in Los Cabos

Among the many skills they learn are first aid skills, rescuing people in open water, how to handle jellyfish stings, the flag protection system, and techniques to save tourists in danger in the water.

An important feature of the training review is some weather safety issues travelers face in Los Cabos.

For example, how to handle hurricane weather situations, swift water rescue during flash floods, and save tourists trapped inside vehicles with rapidly rising water.

The Los Cabos Fire Department also provides learning opportunities about how lifeguards can support first responders when rescuing both conscious and unconscious people in the water, as well as team rescues.

Fire Truck On Beach

After demonstrating the skills and passing several competency tests, the trainees are promoted to lifeguards to protect and serve tourists in Los Cabos.

Increased Need for Lifeguards

The need for lifeguards has increased significantly in Los Cabos over the past few years as the number of tourists has nearly doubled to nearly five million international travelers visiting the beach resort destination last year.

Cabo San Lucas Beach Filled With Tourists

Los Cabos officials have been working closely with civil protection leaders to make sure that there are enough trained and certified lifeguards at the popular local beaches to make sure that the visitors have the safety and security they need.

Recently, there has been a shortage of lifeguards on some of the beaches in Los Cabos. However, the work of the new academy has been filling in the staffing gaps.

Training For Hotel Staff

Busy resort pool in Los Cabos

To also help supplement the protection from the trained and certified lifeguards on the beaches, the Aquatic Rescue Academy has been working to train hotel staff.

A number of the staff, including pool lifeguards, at the key beach resorts and hotels in Los Cabos have also gone through the training program while working at their property.

Not only does this extra training benefit tourists who enjoy a dip in the pool at the resorts and hotels in Los Cabos, but It also provides them with the knowledge to help protect travelers spending the day in the sun, sand, and surf at the public beach near the resort.

View of popular Medano Beach with beach umbrellas and surfboards, in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas.

What Travelers Need to Know

Visitors to Los Cabos should feel safe and secure enjoying the day at the local beaches in Los Cabos, knowing that the lifeguard on patrol has completed a very detailed four-to-six-month training program for their protection.

The lifeguards on duty are tourists’ first source for beach conditions and safety tips to keep them safe on the beach.

One important thing for some travelers to remember is that it is important to respect the colored flags posted on local beaches for the protection and safety of visitors to the beach resort destination.

Lately, there has been an issue with tourists ignoring the posting of flag warnings on the beaches, leading to some emergency rescues and costly tickets from law enforcement. The flags are posted for the safety and security of all to observe and respect.

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