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Los Cabos Tourists Urged To Look For Warning Flags When Going To Beaches This Winter 

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Los Cabos has some incredible beaches lining the coast, in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, as well as along the Tourist Corridor that runs between the two cities.   

But as most repeat visitors to the region know, not all of the beaches are suitable for swimming due to strong waves and unpredictable rip currents.   

Even the beaches that are swimmable can be unsafe at times due to changing conditions, which is why Los Cabos tourists are urged to look for warning flags when going to the beaches this winter.   

Red Warning Flag on Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Los Cabos’ Beach Warning Flags 

On all of Los Cabos’ beaches warning flags are posted every day to alert beachgoers of the current conditions of the water and the beach itself.   

Sometimes the beaches will stay open to visitors but swimmers will be warned to use extreme caution when entering the water.   

At times, though, beachgoers will be prohibited from going into the water altogether, even though they can enjoy the beach itself.   

Other times, even the beaches will be closed to visitors.  

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Beach Warning Flag Colors And What They Mean 

There are four important beach warning flags that signify what the current conditions are at any given beach.   

The colors of these flags are pretty universal, which makes it easier to remember their meanings.   

The color of the flags and what they mean are: 

  • Green – Beach is open and water is safe for swimming. 
  • Yellow – Beach is open but swimmers should use extreme caution when entering the water. 
  • Red – Beach is open but the water is unsafe and closed for swimming.   
  • Black – Beach is closed due to unsafe conditions in the water as well as on the beach.   
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Los Cabos Beaches That Are Always Unsafe For Swimming  

As previously mentioned, some Los Cabos beaches are always unsafe for swimming.   

While many of the unswimmable beaches are located on the Pacific, there are some on the Sea of Cortez that are dangerous for swimming as well.   

The beaches that are not suitable or risky for swimming include: 

  • Divorce Beach 
  • Playa Pedregal 
  • Playa Solmar 
  • Monuments Beach 
  • El Tule Beach 
  • Playa Hotelera 
  • Estuary Beach 
  • Playa Costa Azul 
  • Playa Acapulquito  
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The Safest Beaches For Swimming In Los Cabos 

While the list of unswimmable beaches may seem long, there are plenty of swimmable beaches in Los Cabos too.   

These beaches typically have calm, clear water and good swimming conditions, but it’s still important to look for the warning flags.   

Beaches generally safe for swimming include: 

  • Medano Beach 
  • Lover’s Beach 
  • Santa Maria Beach 
  • Chileno Beach 
  • Cannery Beach 
  • Playa Las Viudas 
  • Palmilla Beach 
  • El Ganzo Beach 
  • Playa La Playita 
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Los Cabos’ Most Popular Beaches 

Among the swimmable beaches in Los Cabos, there are a few that are favored by tourists over the rest.   

Santa Maria Beach and Chileno Beach, which are both located along the Tourist Corridor, are two of the area’s safest beaches, due to their calm waters.   

Lover’s Beach, located near the Arch of Cabo San Lucas is popular for its seclusion and amazing views, but requires a water taxi to get to. 

The most popular beach in Los Cabos, though, is Cabo San Lucas’s Medano Beach, which is known for its beach clubs, high-energy atmosphere, and abundance of water activities.   


Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas. Our company party. Real Estate in Los Cabos.

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Why Los Cabos Beaches Are More Than Just A Place To Swim 

Los Cabos beaches are not just for swimming.   

In fact, water activities are one of the most popular leisure activities to enjoy when visiting the destination.   

There are all kinds of tours and watercraft rentals that give visitors the opportunity to snorkel, kayak, paddleboard, take sunset cruises, or see beneath the sea on a clear boat ride.   

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Best Activities To Enjoy On Los Cabos Beaches 

Spending the day at a beach club or cantina along Medano Beach is one of the most popular tourist activities in Los Cabos.   

Kayaking and paddleboarding in the calm waters of Medano, Santa Maria, and Chileno beaches is also a fantastic way to spend some of your time in Los Cabos.   

But perhaps the most popular activity to enjoy on Los Cabos beaches is sunbathing and relaxing under the warm Los Cabos sun, which you can do on nearly all of the destination’s stunning beaches.

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