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Why Los Cabos Is Perfect For Your Next Solo Trip

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One of Beyonce’s most popular songs is the hottest travel trend right now. That’s right, all the single ladies.

However, traveling alone can create some unique challenges for women. Let’s take a look at why Los Cabos just might be the perfect beach destination for this popular vacation trend.

Solo Travel

Lands End sunset in Los Cabos

No longer should people avoid traveling just because they are by themselves, especially women. Just scout social media and its easy to see that women are off on their own exploring the world and feeling empowered going from destination to destination.

However, this travel trend is not only limited to women. Men are doing it, and married couples have embraced the solo travel trend as well.

The fact is travelers have a different experience when traveling by themselves. Many of us have different travel preferences than our partners. That’s why this emerging travel trend is, well, no longer emerging.

Woman in a hammock looking at the ocean

The Pandemic Impact

People traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic specifically avoided large tourism groups for international travel due to the distancing and face masking requirements. So, small group and solo travel became more of the norm.

It has reshaped travel consumer behavior for many people going forward.

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Woman Taking a Walk on a Beach in Los Cabos

Now it is not such a negative thing to travel internationally and see the world alone. Even though we are emerging from the headaches of stressful pre-travel COVID-19 tests, it looks like this pandemic travel trend is definitely here to stay.

The Los Cabos Connection

Los Cabos has always been a popular destination for singles because of the great amenities available for solo travelers.

Woman getting a facial spa treatment

Whether it is lounging by a pool, enjoying some rays on the sand, taking a snorkeling tour or even just relaxing with a spa treatment, there are many great solo vacation things to do in and around Los Cabos.

It also not only has been an affordable and accommodating place to not only travel alone to, but also a convenient place to potentially meet some new friends.

However, while Los Cabos is a great place to visit on your own, there are a number of things to keep in mind to stay safe on an exciting solo adventure.

Woman getting a massage in a room full of candles

Los Cabos Solo Travel Safety Tips

Most of the solo travel safety tips for Los Cabos are similar to precautions a tourist would take visiting cities near their own hometown.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, first and foremost, individual travelers should research the destination in advance.

Woman looking at items at a market in mexico

Take time to learn the culture and what to expect when visiting. Read reviews of solo Los Cabos travelers similar to yourself to see what their experiences are like. Also, take some time and learn some handy phrases in Spanish.

Travelers should also share their itinerary with friends and family to make sure others know where you are staying in Los Cabos and what other places you are visiting. It’s also a good idea to enroll in the United States State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, or STEP.

Also, Los Cabos tourists should be sure to keep in touch regularly with those who were alerted to their itinerary.

Woman checking her cell phone at the beach

For solo female travelers, be cautious at night and be aware of your surroundings. If possible, have someone accompany you to your room or taxi in the evenings.

Also, solo travelers should consider purchasing travel insurance to protect themselves when enjoying Los Cabos.

Last, be sure to choose the right accommodations. Make sure the Los Cabos resort or hotel selected has adequate lighting and evening activities. Try to choose popular tourist areas instead of dark off-the-beach areas with little tourist traffic.

Los Cabos is a great place to explore this interesting new travel trend of exploring a new international city alone. Just be sure to keep some general safety tips in mind and enjoy the beach resort destination adventure.

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