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This Ocean Hazard Is Putting Tourist Boats At Risk In Los Cabos

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Tourists heading out on the ocean from Los Cabos may actually be surprised that one of the biggest hazards of the adventure is actually trash.

That’s right. Ocean junk is becoming quite a hazard for tourist boats off the coast of Los Cabos, and local government officials aren’t quite sure what to do to eliminate the growing problem.

Men arriving from sea carrying a fishing net

A Bunch Of Trash

Every day, hundreds of Los Cabos tourists take to the ocean for a vacation snorkeling trip, diving adventure, or even the chance to catch the big one on a sportfishing charter.

What they also encounter along their route, or even at their destination, unfortunately, is a lot of discarded trash.

There is a lot of discarded trash in the ocean off Los Cabos. Everything from the typical plastic and styrofoam discarded consumer materials to more commercial items such as cut fishing nets.

Trash on the beach in Los Cabos

Not only is it unsightly for visitors to Los Cabos to seek the trash floating in the water, but it is also creating its own type of hazard for the many tourist boats in Los Cabos.

Hazards For Tourist Boats

According to boating officials, much of the trash in the ocean is nearly impossible to see and avoid in advance. In fact, some tourist boats are reporting getting caught in discarded fishing nets and lines that take some maneuvering to get out of.

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Fisherman with net

So far, none of the incidents have been significant. However, local officials say that it’s just a matter of time before a tourist boat’s propeller or engine gets caught in a discarded fishing net and is stranded at sea.

That would require the need for rescue assistance out at sea and a lengthy wait for tourists traveling out to a tour or returning from one. Definitely a negative experience for a Los Cabos visitor that can and should be avoided at all costs.

The Responsibility of Boat Owners

Seal caught in fishing net

The Los Cabos boating requirements state that fishing boats are required to put buoys on their nets and lines so that they can be easily seen and avoided by other boaters.

This way, tourist boats can see and avoid the issue well in advance.

However, it is not being followed, and many of the lines simply can’t be seen by other boaters out on the water.

Commercial fishing net being pulled in by man

The problem is that even if the net is not discarded and is actively being used, the buoys are not being used to mark the nets.

Tourist boats, not knowing that a fishing net is in the area, are unaware of the hazard and could potentially get entangled in the active fishing net, leading to an engine failure out at sea.

Working Towards A Resolution

Tourists on a Boat Tour in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Los Cabos marina officials are working to educate and remind both the tourist boat operators and the commercial fishing companies of their obligation to work together to ensure the safety of visitors to Los Cabos.

They have been meeting with both sides to inform them about the issue and work to find a resolution in line with the current Los Cabos ocean regulations.

Both sides, the Los Cabos tourist boating industry and commercial fishing companies, have come to a resolution to work together to solve the problem before the situation becomes critical.

Tourists arriving at a dock after getting off a boat

However, so far, they are just pointing fingers and putting the blame for the issue on the other group.

Meanwhile, tourists taking to the ocean off the coast of Los Cabos should be aware of the issue. However, they should also know that the two sides are working together to protect them when out in the water on a fun vacation adventure.

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