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Los Cabos Is Home To One Of The Most Luxurious Spa Treatments In The World

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Recently The New York Post put out its list of the top 12 best spa treatments at resorts across the world. A Cabo resort was able to make the list being the only resort in Mexico within that top 12.

The wellness center in question is known as The Well at the Chileno Bay resort in Los Cabos. 

@aubergeresorts Welcome to THE WELL at #ChilenoBayAuberge. @THE WELL’s newest Auberge outpost in #LosCabos, Mexico balances the healing power of both science and nature on the Baja coast. #AlwaysAuberge #AubergeResorts #TheWell ♬ Happy Up Beat (Medium) – TimTaj

According to the publication, what makes the experience at “The Well” unique are the 

“immersive experiences; mindfulness, yoga, and meditation classes; a stroll in the reflexology pool; a nap in the healing garden and a visit to the magnificent Bath House.”  

@aubergeresorts Sunshine and serenity await at #thewell’s new home in #Cabo at #ChilenoBayAuberge. #AlwaysAuberge #AubergeResorts ♬ Sound of water – OGU172.4cm

The Post does enlist some of the different treatments that guests at the resort or the wellness center can book.

It doesn’t necessarily go into detail about what guests can really expect at the Chileno Bay resort. Here’s a more extensive description of what’s available at this famed spa. 

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Chileno Bay beach

The Different Experiences Available At The Well

The “journey” through the wellness center that is essentially described in the New York Post is actually its “Bath House” experience.

In this type of treatment, guests start at a place that’s called the sound bowl. The official site of the spa claims that you “bathe in the healing vibrations of sound as you cleanse your aura with copal”.

From there, you move on to a more traditional steam room. This is meant to relax the muscles and get you ready for the next experience. 

From the steam, you move to the ice bar. This is meant to strengthen the immune system and close the pores.

Guests essentially repeat the process as they are then led to a sand sauna experience. To finish off the journey with a quick dip in a cold plunge pool only to move onto the “vitality pool,” where you can freely relax as the journey has come to an end. 

Cold Plunge Pool In A Spa

Apart from these guided tours through the spa facility, “The Well” also offers more generic oil massages. Apart from that, they offer cupping and deep tissue massages.

If you really want a more exotic experience, you can try out their Ashiatsu massages, where the therapist is actually going to use their feet to stretch and relieve the tension in your muscles.

Most of these experiences that they offer include some sort of holistic/spiritual side to them. The treatments or experiences listed here are just a few of the many that they offer.  

Shot of a young woman getting a facial treatment at a spa

Things To Keep In Mind Before Booking A Service At This Facility

One of the positive things about this spa is that you don’t have to be a guest at the resort to be able to book one of the experiences.

You may be required to purchase a day pass, though, if you’re not staying at the resort. Also, it’s virtually an adult-only experience.

We say virtually because only 16-year-olds and up can access the facility. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that the prices that are shown on their official site don’t have the 16% tax fee that’s added onto everything you buy in Mexico.

Also, there’s an 18% mandatory service fee that guests are required to pay. As we explained in a recent article, demanding tips is illegal in Mexico. However, it’s a very common practice at different Cabo venues.

Other Facilities That Made The New York Post List

On the list published by The New York Post, we can find spas in Bali, Morocco, India, St. Barts, NYC, and Paris, amongst other cities.

What most of these facilities seem to have in common is that they offer a holistic-themed wellness experience. Most of them are within hotels from brands like Six Senses, Four Seasons, and Rosewood.

They are not just spas where you can get in the sauna and get a massage like you potentially could at many fitness clubs across the globe.

Well-themed facilities like the ones that “The Well” at Chileno Bay resort calls home also seemed to have helped it make the list over other options in Cabo or other parts of Mexico.

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