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Why Celebrities Flock To Los Cabos More Than Anywhere Else In Mexico

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As a destination, Los Cabos owns the unique accolade that celebrities were flocking to this beautiful destination long before the airport or any luxury resort even laid their foundations.

In fact, as early as the 1940s, Hollywood superstars like Bing Crosby and John Wayne were already flying to this once-remote destination in private airplanes (long before celebrities were hiring private jets).

With the arrival of big names searching for peace and tranquility from the craziness of Hollywood in the post-war era came the steady growth of Los Cabos, and much of the early construction here was built with Hollywood money.

A sunlit view of el arco in Los Cabos from the water

A famous example of this is the One&Only Palmilla, now a world-famous resort it began life in the 1950s as Hotel Palmilla, a celebrity-filled hideaway catering almost exclusively to stars of the big screen.

But despite the destination being a celebrity favorite, it would take another 30+ years for Los Cabos to turn into the luxurious super-destination it is now.

And while Los Cabos now welcomes millions of visitors each year, all experiencing the celebrity treatment without paparazzi, celebrities are still flocking here over 80 years since the stars of the 1940s first discovered its magic.

This is why celebrities flock to Los Cabos more than anywhere else in Mexico.

An art filled alley in Los Cabos with colorful decoration hanging from the ceiling

Private Seclusion

Being a celebrity comes with a huge list of perks, but a big downside of the lifestyle is the effect on people’s privacy.

Many celebrities struggle with the ever-present paparazzi, determined to score a sensational photo of them in less than favorable light. On top of this, the constant stream of adoring fans, while no doubt a great feeling at times, can make something as simple as relaxing on vacation next to impossible.

This is why Los Cabos has stood the test of time as a celebrity vacation hotspot. The availability of private villas and luxurious holiday rentals, coupled with the easygoing and non-intrusive locals and service industry, provides a welcome break for celebrities from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

A private villa with pool in los cabos

Connectivity & Convenience

While most travelers arrive in Los Cabos on a normal airliner and take a taxi cab or shuttle bus to their resort, there is a more exclusive side to arriving and departing from Los Cabos.

The main international airport in the destination has extensive private jet facilities, allowing celebrities to arrive and depart without the stress of passing through public terminals, and the airports’ extensive connections across America mean no matter where a celebrity is based, they can quickly escape to the paradise of Los Cabos.

A private jet waiting on the tarmac

Additionally, the trip from the airport to accommodation can reach seriously luxurious levels in Los Cabos. Everything from high-end luxury sedans to armored SUVs with accompanying bodyguards is available for hire here.

But none of that compares to the numerous private helicopter services that run from the airport. This expensive, but super-convenient, service ensures the utmost privacy for visiting celebrities, and a guaranteed workaround to the sometimes heavy traffic on the highway into the destination.

A private helicopter in flight

The Little Things Matter

It’s common for the iconic nature of celebrities to turn them into almost myth-like figures, but they are still only human.

They appreciate the same awesome gifts that Los Cabos provides to every traveler who decides to vacation here.

Amazing weather almost all year, excluding some hiccups during hurricane season, delicious and flavorful food, especially the seafood which is as fresh as it comes, and of course the magical feeling of being in Mexico.

a selection of seafood tacos

That last point is an important one, Mexico is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world, and it’s down to much more than just luxurious resorts.

The nation has a magical feeling to it; the mix of stunning landscapes, deep cultural and historical wealth, and open and welcoming locals provides a vacation feeling that’s difficult to find elsewhere.

A scenic shot of the los cabos landscape from the air

So, while celebrities have a few exclusive reasons why they love vacationing in Los Cabos, the most important reasons they choose here are the same as the rest of us.

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