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This Unique Accommodation Is Growing More Popular With Los Cabos Tourists 

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One of the things that Los Cabos is known for is its many luxury all-inclusive resorts, but it’s also known for its nature.   

The latter is leading some tourists to steer away from the luxurious all-inclusives and opt for a different type of luxury stay, called glamping.   

This unique accommodation is growing more and more popular with Los Cabos tourists, especially millennials, for several reasons. 

Luxury Glamping Tent on a Beach

Let’s go over what glamping is, and then explore some of the reasons it’s growing in popularity in Los Cabos.   

Glamping – A Luxurious Way To Go Camping 

If you’ve ever been camping before, then you probably have a good idea of what glamping is.   

It’s not much different than traditional camping other than the fact that it’s a little more glamorous.   

Glamping typically involves sleeping in a tent, but these tents are far different from the ones you likely camped in as a child. 

Inside of a Luxury Glamping Tent

What To Expect From Your Glamping Accommodations  

Glamping tents come in different shapes and sizes, but bell tents, domes, and safari tents are the most commonly used.   

You don’t have to set them up, and they are usually framed and made of heavy-duty material.   

You can expect your glamping tent to have a real bed in it, not one of those uncomfortable air mattresses that deflate halfway through the night.   

Most times, they will have a few other pieces of furniture and some sort of power source for lighting, fans, and, in some cases, even WiFi.   

Bed Inside of a Luxury Glamping Tent

So why do some people love glamping? 

It’s A Unique Experience  

One of the things that travelers love about glamping is the unique experience it provides.   

It’s the perfect mix of luxury and simplicity, with many of the amenities that you would normally get but in a one-of-a-kind setting.   

Glamping allows visitors to enjoy a different side of Los Cabos. 

Glamping in the Desert

Getting In Touch With Nature 

Even more enticing about going on a glamping trip is having the opportunity to get in touch with nature without sacrificing amenities.   

Los Cabos has a beautiful desert landscape surrounded by the Sierra de la Laguna mountains, which offers the perfect setting for glamping.   

Glamping In the desert will likely also include plenty of outdoor activities as well, so you’ll be able to enjoy one of the region’s best assets while having this unique experience too.   

Nature at a Los Cabos Resort

Escaping The Crowds 

Los Cabos, which includes Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, is an amazing luxury vacation destination, and as such, it’s almost always packed with tourists.   

Interacting with other tourists is fun sometimes, but every now and then, you might want to escape the crowds while vacationing.   

Glamping allows you to do that, while still spending some of the time enjoying all that Los Cabos has to offer.   

Group of Hikers Walking on a Secluded Trail

Gourmet Dining Al Fresco 

Who doesn’t love dining outside in the fresh air, taking in all of the surrounding scenery?   

It’s even better when you’re enjoying a farm-to-table meal, like what’s offered at Rancho Cacachilas, surrounded by nature, which is what many of the glamping experiences in and around Los Cabos offer.   

Others have their own onsite restaurants, and some even have small bars for guests to enjoy as well.   

Group of Friends Enjoying a Farm to Table Lunch

Where To Go Glamping In Los Cabos 

There are several glamping sites around Los Cabos.   

Most are located outside of the city and as far away as Todos Santos and the East Cape.   

Some of the glamping sites in the region are: 

  • ChiloChill (Beachfront Glamping in La Ventana) 
  • Rancho Cacachilas (Mountain Glamping in El Sargento) 
  • Gypsy Canyon Baja (Desert Camping in Todos Santos) 
  • Baja Overlander (Jeep Tent Camping in San Jose del Cabo) 

Each of these glamping sites provides everything you need for a fun-filled glamping experience.

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