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What Los Cabos Tourists Should Do To Prepare For Hurricane Season Starting Next Month

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The Pacific hurricane season kicks off in less than a month, and if the predictions are right, it will be a busier season in Los Cabos this year, thanks to El Niño.

Palm trees blowing in the wind and rain during a strong storm.

El Niño Effect

While the official forecast for the Pacific hurricane season is not out quite yet, because the storms have less impact on the United States, it should be a busy year for named hurricanes.

That’s because of the El Niño weather pattern that has caused this year to be quite unusual in the west.

First, it’s been rainier and snowier in the Western United States. Second, it’s been a lot drier in Los Cabos. Last, our friends, the gray whales, have been spotted longer in the area due to the more abundant plankton in the waters.

Traditionally during El Niño weather patterns, there are more than usual numbers of hurricanes with higher intensity levels.

Tropical storm on the beach

Preparations Underway in Los Cabos

A lot has changed in how Los Cabos prepares for hurricane season since Odile smacked the area nearly ten years ago. The community now has a more advanced preparation plan in place which includes keeping tourists safe.

The Los Cabos Civil Protection Agency recently was out inspecting buildings, hotels, and resorts around Los Cabos to check that the tourist zone is prepared for the upcoming hurricane season.

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Stormy Day in Cabo overlooking the marina with a view of boats while it's raining.

The inspections are designed to be a proactive way for not only local officials but also tourist-oriented businesses to take corrective steps needed now to prepare for the weather.

Observations included the structural elements of the buildings, accessibility, accommodation capacity, and services provided.

Civil Protection officials were pleased with their initial inspection of tourist facilities in Los Cabos, and in general, the area looks prepared for any hurricanes.

Weather forecasters reviewing the weather

How Should Tourists Prepare?

Visitors booking a vacation in Los Cabos should constantly monitor the weather conditions up until the date of departure. They should be prepared to not only shift vacation planning due to a hurricane but also expect wave impact from storms further out at sea.

The wave impact could not only have an effect on the ability to swim in the water, but it also could affect water clarity when it comes to diving and snorkeling in the ocean.

Tourists traveling during the published hurricane season starting May 15 should seriously consider purchasing travel insurance, especially trip cancellation coverage.

Boarding passes and travel insurance form

Be sure to clearly review and verify that the travel insurance covers damages related to tropical storms and hurricanes before selecting the right travel insurance for a vacation stay in Los Cabos.

Visitors to Los Cabos should have a backup plan in place in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm impact during a summer trip to Los Cabos.

Know where the emergency shelter is and what the hotel or resort procedures are in the event of a storm. Be familiar with the evacuation procedures in the event that a move to higher ground is needed.

Dark storm clouds over the beach and ocean

Any time tourists travel, it’s a good idea to take pictures of important documents, such as credit cards and passports, and store them either in a safe location at home or on a remote access drive such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Tourists should also be sure also to have an emergency contact in their country of origin who can act as the single source of information in the event of a hurricane or other issues.

The traveler can contact their emergency contact, and then others needing information back home know who the single contact is that has all the needed updates and details.

While the chances of any one traveler having a hurricane impact their Los Cabos vacation is relatively low, it is smart to do what the Boy Scouts motto says and “be prepared”.

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