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Whale Watching Season Officially Begins In Los Cabos

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The first sightings of whales for 2022-2023 have been recorded in Los Cabos, marking an official start to the region’s most popular season. Whale watching on the coast of Los Cabos has begun for tourists visiting the area In high season, who choose this time to visit for a chance to witness the majestic creatures up close on a cruise or speedboat tour. 

Whale in Cabo San Lucas

Whale sightings are extremely common, with the creatures often jumping, diving, and splashing their tails in the water, as well as spraying air from the holes in their heads, which is often followed by awe and applause from spectators on surrounding boats. 

The first whale sightings of the season have been observed this month and are one of Los Cabos’ most popular attractions. For the many tour operators serving the coast, the season leads to a dramatic increase in tourists booking boat trips and therefore contributing significantly to the economy. 

Whale watching

As the season continues, the number of whales is set to increase as it usually would during this time of year, as more and more of the animals migrate to the region’s waters. 

This coincides with a rise in visitor numbers, especially over Christmas and New Year’s, when many tourists book a special winter holiday to be able to see such an unforgettable sight, combined with the paradise beaches and attractions of Los Cabos.

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Whale-watching is now classed as an eco-tourism activity, so tour operators and service providers must follow strict rules and go through training so as not to disturb the creatures in their natural environment. 

This includes factors such as not being closer than between 65 yards and 130 yards, depending on the species of whale. Guides must also have the correct official license to lead whale watching trips, which demonstrates not only that they are knowledgeable but know what to do on a boat in case of emergency and have the correct life-saving measure, such as life jackets and GPS phones. 

Whale watching from boat

Whale watching ranks as one of, if not the most, popular activity in Los Cabos and attracts thousands of tourists each year. The full season coincides with Los Cabos’ high season, running from November or December until April. 

The whales begin their journey in the United States, near Washington or Alaska, before migrating all the way down to Mexico for the warmer waters in order to find a mate and give birth. 

Passengers watching whale on boat

There are a number of different whale species than can be seen in Los Cabos, including humpback whales, gray whales, and blue whales, which are the largest mammal on earth. Humpback whales are most likely to be seen in November and December, while the two other species usually begin arriving in January. 

Los Cabos offers a variety of whale-watching tours and options for seeing these creatures, from chartered cruises to jet skis, kayaks, and speedboats. Booking tours that have a knowledgeable guide is essential for a good experience, as they can identify the types of whales and will know the best spots to go which have the highest chance of spotting them. 

Whale at arch of Cabo San Lucas

There are also more exclusive experiences that tourists can take advantage of via luxury hotels, such as the recently launched Wild Whale experience by Grand Velas, which includes a private helicopter experience to see the whales from above, followed by a three-course lunch.

Cabo Tourists Boats

Los Cabos authorities regularly emphasize the importance of tourists booking reputable tours and guides respecting the eco-tourism laws, as accidents can happen. Earlier this year, a tourist boat ran headfirst into a whale off the coast of La Paz, which led to six people being injured. 

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