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Best Time For Whale Watching In Los Cabos 

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There are many nautical activities to be enjoyed in Los Cabos, but some, like whale watching, are better during certain times of the year, and the best time to enjoy this much-loved activity is during the winter and early spring.  The season in Los Cabos runs from about December 15th through the end of April, during which time multiple species are present in the area.  For those visiting Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo during this time that want to go whale watching, a whale-watching guide can help in making the most of the experience. 

Whale Cabo San Lucas

Why Winter Is The Best Time For Whale Watching 

The reason winter is the best time for whale watching is that this is when the whales migrate from places with colder weather to areas with warmer climates.  The whales start their journey from places like Washington and Alaska in the United States, and British Columbia in Canada, around mid-fall.  This typically puts the whales starting to arrive in the Los Cabos area by the beginning of December. 

Whale Watching Family

Best Time Of Day To Go Whale Watching 

Whales can be seen at any time of the day, but there are certain factors that might make a tourist choose one time over another.  Mornings are known for less wind and calmer waters which makes the ride easier to handle for those that get motion sickness and for small children.  In the afternoon, winds pick up, and the tide starts to come in, so it’s a bit of a rougher ride, but whales tend to be more active, so this may be the best time for those that can handle the higher waves that are a result of the changing conditions.   

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Whales Near Boats

Types Of Whales That Might Be Seen 

During different times of the season, there is a better chance of seeing different species of whales.  There are three different species that travel to the Cabo San Lucas area.  Humpback whales typically arrive first, followed by gray whales, and blue whales arrive throughout the season as well but are rarely seen because they barely ever rise above the surface of the water. 

Family Whale Watching

What To Wear And Bring Whale Watching 

Whale-watching tourists will want to wear light, quick-drying clothing or swimwear on a whale-watching excursion.  It’s also important to bring sunscreen and a hat, as it’s easy to get sunburned when on a boat and wide open to the elements.  Other items whale watchers may want to bring are a towel, water, binoculars, and a camera.   

Whales in Los Cabos

Most Active Part Of The Whale Watching Season 

Visitors are likely to see whales at any time during the season, but December is when there is the best opportunity to see humpback whales.  By about mid-December, the number of these massive creatures that are in the Cabo area is at its peak.  The peak lasts until about mid-January, slowing down after other species start to arrive earlier in the month. 

Passengers watching whale on boat

Best Ways To Go Whale Watching 

Tourists can charter a boat and see whales while they are out on the water, and can also see whales when going out on jet skis, but for the ultimate whale-watching experience, a tour is the best way.  Not only are tourists safer on a whale-watching tour, but the tour guides are generally knowledgeable about the whales and their activities.  Furthermore, whale-watching tour guides usually know the best places to go to see the most whales during the tour. 

People Whale Watching

Whales are massive beautiful creatures that migrate to Cabo San Lucas to give birth and mate.  Seeing them make this annual migration is mesmerizing and seeing these enormous creatures up close is even more amazing.  For those visiting Cabo during whale watching season, there is the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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