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USA Today Rates Cabo One Of The Top Family Destinations In Mexico

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Some people may know Cabo more for its Golf courses, or the nights at Cabo Wabo cantina. However, it’s one of the best family friendly destinations in Mexico. USA Today recently came up with their list of the 5 most kid friendly vacation spots in Mexico. Cabo was the second destination on the list.

Young Family Enjoying Cabo Beach

USA Today provided some compelling reasons why they ranked Cabo as their second best kid friendly destination in Mexico. There are actually even more reasons than the ones cited by the famous newspaper to bring kids on a Cabo vacation. In fact, some top celebrities such as Shakira, have recently picked Cabo to vacation with the kids. 

kids playing underwater

US Today Ranks Cabo As The Best Place For Marine Life Viewing   

According to USA Today what got Cabo on the second spot on the list was the fact that the region is one of the best for marine life viewing in all of Mexico. That observation is certainly a correct one. The paper ranked only the Merida region as a better spot for kids, claiming the region’s Mayan ruins to be the top attraction at that destination. When it comes to kids the Cabo region’s marine life is potentially more attractive than the mayan ruins though.

In any case, the paper recommends that families with children avoid some of the rougher beaches in the cabo region that are considered important surf spots. That list of beaches could include Acapulquito beach which is one of the main surf spots in the region. Instead USA Today recommends that travelers with children head to El Medano beach, saying this about the popular beach area, 

“Families can head to popular Medano Beach, where the gentle water is safe and the soft sand feels great on bare feet.” 

Whale Watching Continues To Be An Activity That The Region Is Known For 

The marine life that the US Today claims can be spotted in Cabo is not limited to colorful fish that can be spotted while snorkeling just a few feet from the shore. Many people that arrive in the Cabo region are interested in the whale watching tours that can be booked in certain times of the year. Pacific whales arrive in the region from early December to late March. Most of them come to Los Cabos to take advantage of the warm water to have their calves. Humpback, and gray whales are mostly seen in Cabo waters in the late stages of the year, and the first months of the new year. 

Whales in Cabo Waters

USA Today also recommends that tourists that head to the region book a trip on a clear floor water taxi, and have the boat head out to the Los Cabos arch. This can actually be a great way to spot different types of marine life without necessarily having to do any type of swimming activity like scuba diving or snorkeling. Even very young children can enjoy the Cabo marine life without having to know how to swim.   

Young Woman Near Cabo Arch

Resorts Have Also Added Family Friendly Features 

Another aspect about Cabo that the US Today highlights is the fact that local resorts have made a conscious effort to offer family friendly amenities. The Villa la Valencia resort in San Jose del Cabo features the longest lazy river pool in all of Los Cabos. The beachfront resort also offers a kids club, and kids only pools.

Kids´ Pool At RIU Hotel Los Cabos

This is not the only resort though to feature kid friendly amenities. The Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos features an in resort water park for all ages to enjoy. The Sheraton Grand Los Cabos is another one of the resorts with an adventure kids club that can give the parents some alone time as well. Other resorts offer similar amenities to ensure that the whole family can enjoy the trip.