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Uber For Teens Is Now Available In Los Cabos

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Families heading to Los Cabos with teenagers will now be able to give them access to ride-share services to get to tourist destinations such as popular beaches and restaurants in the tourist hotspot with the launch of the new UberTeen service in the area.

Launch of Uber Teen Service

The launch of the brand new UberTeen service in Los Cabos will enable teenage travelers to easily get around town using the popular ride-share services on their smartphones.

UberTeens Now Available In Los Cabos

The new UberTeen service gives teens between the ages of 13 and 17 to use Uber services in Los Cabos with the authorization, and under the supervision, of their parents.

Parents can invite their teen to download Uber through a link and they can request and reserve their own Uber rides under the proper supervision of their parents.

“Through the Family Profile in the Uber app, a parent can invite their teen to create an account. The teen will receive a link to download the app, create their new Uber Teens account, and complete the security registration process. After that, teenagers can start requesting trips on their own,” said an Uber spokesperson in a report about the new service launch in Los Cabos.

Uber in city traffic

Safety and Security of Teens

UberTeen confirmed that the teen ride-share account will only be connected with top-rated drivers known for their safety and security ratings from many riders.

This is to confirm that young international travelers to the country will only be connected to the most reliable Uber drivers available in Los Cabos.

Tourist Using the Uber App

Uber riders have three security options available in their ride-share app that teens can also use to protect themselves when using UberTeen.

First, they have the option to do audio recordings while on the ride. Parents or the riders themselves can then share details of a negative experience with Uber.

They also can choose trusted family or friends to share their location, trip status and other details by using the Uber ride share app.

Uber driver transporting customers

Uber riders also have the option during a ride to open the safety tool kit by tapping on the blue shield on the map during a ride. Opening the tool kit enables riders to contact emergency services, an ADT safety agent or report a safety issue directly to Uber.

What Visitors Need to Know

While the UberTeen service may not be the perfect solution for every family visiting Los Cabos due to the possibility of safety and security issues with younger travelers in the beach resort destination, it does provide families with another transportation option when visiting Los Cabos on a vacation getaway.

Mexican taxi driver waiting in his taxi

Visitors will want to be aware of the potential risks of using the UberTeen service in a foreign country and make sure that all of the safety capabilities are activated and enabled in the Uber app to protect teen travelers while on their own in Los Cabos.

It does provide an extra level of safety as opposed to riding in a taxi or bus, as both don’t offer the ability to track riders unless the parent use tracking applications on the smartphones of their children.

It also enables teens without credit cards to make easy payments to get around town as opposed to hoping to have enough cash on hand for a taxi ride.

Uber driver checking his phone

Again, it may not be a perfect solution for young international travelers on a vacation getaway to Los Cabos.

However, it does provide another option for families to explore while allowing their children some opportunity to enjoy exploring the beach resort destination on their own as well.

Is this a service you would consider for your teens on a vacation getaway to Los Cabos? Leave your comments in the section below.

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