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Los Cabos Tourists Prefer Uber As Officials Work To Better Regulate Taxis 

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While the taxi situation in Los Cabos isn’t quite as bad as it is in some other Mexican vacation destinations, there really isn’t much for regulation.   

Overcharging, careless driving, pirate taxis, and other issues have led to many travelers opting for Uber when they’re visiting the vacation destination.   

In fact, an estimated 30 percent of visitors use the ride platform when visiting Los Cabos, proving that tourists prefer Uber while officials work to better regulate taxis.   

Cabo sign in front of a hotel in Los Cabos

Uber In Los Cabos 

Technically, and legally, Uber is allowed to operate in Los Cabos, kind of.   

You won’t find Ubers at the airport because they are not allowed to pick passengers up at the airport, but you can have an Uber drop you off just outside the airport.   

You can also use Uber to go anywhere else in Los Cabos, though, and many tourists do. 

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Los Cabos Taxi Regulation  

There is very little regulation of taxi services in Los Cabos, but officials are currently trying to change that.   

Taxis can pretty much be any type of vehicle, which makes it difficult to tell if they are real or not, which is a whole other issue that will be covered later.   

Additionally, taxis lack regulation in pricing as well, as there are no taxi meters in use, so drivers can essentially charge what they want.   

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Issues With Taxis 

The biggest issue with taxis is the cost, which is a direct result of the lack of regulation.   

A ride to and from Los Cabos Airport, which is located in San Jose del Cabo about 35-50 minutes away, depending on which route your driver takes, will cost around $80 each way.   

Another issue with taxis in Los Cabos, which can also be attributed to a lack of regulation, is that there’s no oversight regarding the vehicles that are used, which can be dangerous and result in uncomfortable rides.   

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Uber Vs. Taxis 

Using Uber in Los Cabos is definitely the cheaper option.  A ride that might cost $30 taking a taxi will typically cost less than $5 through Uber.   

Uber requires vehicles to not surpass a certain age as well.  Additionally, the app keeps track of where drivers are located, which adds an extra layer of safety for passengers.   

And finally, the Uber app makes it much easier to get a ride from anywhere at any time as well, which is really convenient when you’re on vacation.   

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Pirate Taxis – What Are They And How To Avoid Them 

Something to watch out for if you do opt for a taxi in Los Cabos are pirate taxis.   

Essentially speaking, these are fake taxis that are not licensed or part of any taxi union.   

Some are safe and are just driven by locals trying to make a living by skirting the rules, but there’s no way to know if they’re safe.   

Although rare, tourists getting into a pírate taxi can be overcharged, robbed, or even worse.   

Taxis Near Bus Station

Alternative Transportation Options In Los Cabos 

Another option for getting around Los Cabos is skipping Uber and taxis altogether.   

You could book a hotel that offers transportation from the airport and use public transportation to get around the city.   

You can also hire private transportation, which is generally more comfortable, and in some cases costs a bit less than a taxi.   

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How Booking Transportation In Advance Can Save You Money 

The best thing about booking your Los Cabos private transportation in advance, other than having it at your destination upon arrival, is that it can save you money.   

By booking and paying before even speaking to a driver, you can’t be overcharged and you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for your transportation.   

As an added bonus, you can make stops along the way for anything you might need for your vacation.

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