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U.S. Warns Americans Not To Drink Tap Water In Los Cabos

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Fortunately, travelers don’t have to worry about many safety aspects when vacationing in Los Cabos.

Sure, petty crime can happen anywhere, but violent crimes rarely affect tourists here. Yet, sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact.

We can walk away from car wrecks unscathed, but a paper cut can ruin our day. We can eat raw oysters and feel totally fine, but all it takes is one itty bitty microscopic amount of bacteria to wreak havoc.

tourist atop rocky terrain in cabo

The same goes for water – a life necessity and potential vacation destroyer all in one. When we jet off to Los Cabos, the only water source we want to remember is the incredible blue ocean or maybe a waterfall hike.

That’s why the U.S. State Department is warning Americans to not drink tap water in Los Cabos.

Avoid Ice

Rapper Young Buck once poetically lyricized, “the ice in my teeth keep the Cristal cold”. Well, in Los Cabos, the ice in your drink keep your vacation on hold.

vacationers in pool at cabo resort

Going out to eat is a given on any vacation, no matter what that may be. Trying the best local restaurants to enjoy the finer things in life is usually one of the best memories from a trip.

When it comes to Los Cabos, one of the most fun parts about splurging on your vacation is the endless amenities that come with your all-inclusive package.

Even if you leave your resort, Cabo is one of the top foodie destinations, along with the nearby scenic coastal city of La Paz.

With Los Cabos being home to immaculate resorts with cushy freebies, such as all-you-can-eat buffets and refreshing adult beverages, vacation mode is flipped on right away.

beachside table in Los Cabos

It’s easy to get carried away and forget you’re not in Kansas anymore. As such, the norms back home don’t always apply.

Travelers can get very sick by ingesting contaminated water in a variety of ways. One unsuspecting way is in the form of ice that may be frozen tap water full of harmful bacteria.

Whether sipping Mexico’s famous margaritas, a soda, or just boring ol’ water, the U.S. State Department is warning of ice consumption.

That being said, some high-end resorts are fully prepared for the sensitive stomachs of outsiders. It’s best to confirm if your hotel uses a filtration system.

Avoid Tap Water Entirely

drinking bottled water at pool

Los Cabos may be one of the top luxury destinations, but not everywhere is equipped with safe drinking water.

Nightlife is super popular in Cabo to go out for a night on the town with world-renowned bars, such as Cabo Wabo Cantina and Senòr Frogs.

Guzzling cervezas when bar-hopping is safe (responsibly, of course), but not every restaurant is going to serve potable water.

After a night of drinking, it’s best to stick with the usual electrolyte-infused beverages or bottled water rather than tempt your fate with unknown water sources.

tourists eating dinner with wine in cabo

The same goes for beach days or sunbathing at your resort’s glistening pool. Lounging in the sun for hours will make anyone thirsty.

The U.S. State Department advises always sticking with bottled beverages, whether water or not. Requesting bottled drinks is not limited to Los Cabos’ restaurants; some hotels have been known to serve tap water rather than bottled (unless requested).

“Una botella de agua por favor” is a helpful phrase to learn for your trip.

The Stench Certainly Doesn’t Help

san jose del cabo scenery

During the holiday season, it’s common to bring up the Grinch, but not so much the stench. For some Los Cabos tourists, it’s putting a damper on their dreamy vacation.

In San Jose del Cabo, tourists and locals have both been complaining of a consistent odor filling the air from a nearby wastewater treatment plant.

Many restaurants in the area are losing business due to the foul odor and it only adds to the fact that Cabo is home to water to enjoy the views and ride the waves; not to consume.

festive street in san jose del cabo

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