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New Complaints Of Foul Odor Near Popular Los Cabos Tourist Area

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There are a lot of things that can go wrong on vacation, but you just have to hope for the best. Oftentimes, travel anxieties are just that – anxiety. Our concerns don’t usually come to fruition.

Whether it’s being afraid of missing a flight, the hotel not being as nice as advertised, or your belly rolls not disappearing fast enough to feel comfortable at the beach, the list goes on.

san jose del cabo city center

One thing we can all agree on is if we are paying $1000 per night for a dream vacation, it should at least pass the smell test.

One area of Los Cabos is causing a stink with tourists to the point that many are complaining about the consistent stench.

And guess what – it’s not the first time! Back in 2022, the same issue was reported and locals say it’s back

Here is what travelers should know about the foul odor affecting Cabo trips right now:

Years Of Foul Odors

san jose del cabo

Odors have been permeating through the air of San Jose del Cabo for years, but some days have been worse than others.

Right now, locals say it’s reached its peak again to the point of being unbearable when enjoying the nearby sites.

A wastewater treatment plant (operated by Fonatur) is located in the center of San Jose del Cabo, where tourists tend to galivant around to see top attractions.

Unfortunately, the ocean breeze is not all that people are breathing in. Persistent odors continue to leave their mark in the worst of places.

festive street in san jose del cabo

Why the treatment plant was built here is questionable in its own right, but there is an agreement in place between the Government of Los Cabos for the Municipal Operating Agency of the Drinking Water, Sewerage and Sanitation System (Oomsapas) to collaborate and come up with a solution to alleviate the stench.

Drinking water is safe, but the root of the issue of the odors has not been 100% resolved, and locals and tourists are both paying the price.

Nearby Restaurants Hurting

Imagine sitting by the seaside on a nice restaurant patio, and then a waft of sewage overpowers the ocean breeze.

diners in san jose del cabo

Well, you actually don’t have to imagine it; that’s what is happening. Not only are tourists disappointed in paying premium prices to vacation in Baja’s top destination, but now they can’t even go out to eat on this side of Cabo.

Restaurants are reporting a significant loss in income due to the foul odors, as patrons don’t want to finish their meals.

With Los Cabos being a powerhouse foodie destination, it’s a shame to not be able to sit down and enjoy a nice meal surrounded by the region’s stunning scenery.

couple eating in san jose del cabo

Growing List Of Tourist Frustrations

It has been a heck of a year for tourism in Mexico. Los Cabos is one of the leading destinations and looks like it will be heading into 2024, as well.

Cabo is one of the most luxurious destinations in close proximity to the U.S. As such, there are high expectations travelers hold when vacationing in this type of setting.

closed beach in cabo

Of course, there is nothing to stop Mother Nature from shutting down beaches during hurricane season, but there is a growing list of frustrations from recent Cabo tourists.

Adding the foul odors of San Jose del Cabo is just one more item on the list now. Factors such as skyrocketing prices, gridlock traffic, and increased wait times at Los Cabos’s only airport are not all peachy in southern Baja.

It seems as if some problems are being addressed to keep tourists coming back for more, but the odor issue has yet to find a permanent solution.

cabo airport

It’s important to note the complaints of the putrid smells are solely in San Jose del Cabo. While there are very nice resorts here, there are dozens more spread throughout other sides of Los Cabos.

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